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  1. can you post here the spl and mod file code that you've used, so that we can look here and help
  2. Hello, We've multi-tenancy service Desk environment. SD 12.9 I've a custom tab on change order page and this tab has to visible only to a particular tenant. my question is here, how to make this tab is visible when the tenant name is filled in the change order page when the page is in edit mode? Thank you, Venkat
  3. I'm checking the feasibility of extending the color codes in CA Service Desk. These colors will be used in the configuration of SLA's . when the ticket is 50 % completion in the SLA I would like to change the color to "GREY" 75 % completion of SLA time then "Orange" 100 % completion of SLA time then "RED" Out of box we've orange and red color codes OOTB macros Set SLA Violation = Violated - RED Set CR SLA Violation=Predicted - ORANGE My question is how to create a new color code to use in SLA's , such as 'GREY'
  4. I have found the way to show the message as below once the ticket is saved. This is message is shown to user for every update of the ticket. if ("$prop.form_name_3" != "edit") { ahdframe.AlertMsg = ahdframe.AlertMsg + "<br>" + "Request Tickets are opened with a default 'Requested Completion Date' set for the next 48 hours in Service Desk. If you need to change the 'Requested Completion Date', you can do so by changing the date after the ticket is saved"; } Is there a way to show the message only when the initial save of the ticket (newly created tickets only, not for updates) ?
  5. So adding to the above, when the user creates a new ticket , we want to show them a message as follows " The callback date of the request has been automated to next 48 hours, if you want to change please edit and change to the desired date." This is only for the new tickets and specific tenant.
  6. I want to a show message after the ticket is saved. same as " Save Successful - Request xxxxx updated " . I have tried from .spl but unfortunately , we can invoke message when the condition fails so, this is case i want to send a message UI when the ticket is saved. Tried with preSavetrigger() function, this function invokes before save and the message is shown in UI but the ticket is failed to save. any idea how to show the message once the ticket is saved same as "Save Successful - Request xxxxx updated"
  7. I don't think you can do much in the area of SLA with CA ServiceDesk, this ask is very old one and I'm getting to hear this from quite some time and I hope it is on the radar of CA Services to deliver in next release at least. we have the same requirement and I am waiting for any solution for this.
  8. I would like to send the announcement message from spl function. I am able to send the message when the set_error(1) but to how to send the message when the condition is true. The below is code is for when the condition is failed. set_error(1); set_return_data(zmsg); return; if not from spl, what are all the other options to look at to send the announcement notification when the ticket got saved.
  9. I would like to reload the detail form once the tenant value is entered in detail page. Basically, I would like show or hide the form fields depends on the Tenant , On new page before saving the form. any sample examples with the code will help. Thank you!
  10. The approach that having a flag and playing around it provides some control on this behaviour. I will test this and post here. would be able to create a condition to check the scheduled end date against the current time in site defined condition macro ?
  11. How about spl, I am looking for a better solution to offer to the client having repeated email notification will be the last option to consider.
  12. How to log comment a bulk number of tickets with a single update? what is the best-optimised design solution to achieve this requirement. Service Desk 12.9
  13. How to setup a mail notification to the Change implementer when the 'Scheduled End Date' has passed in a change order. and the ticket is still not moved to the next status either failed or success CA Service Desk 12.9
  14. there is a predefined funtion preSaveTrigger() which will invoke on submit of detail form syntax function preSaveTrigger() { // Place your code here to validate }
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