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  1. I'm going to pick on Web Services Business Methods because it is probably one of the more common WS operations for people to integrate, however this applies to any method that takes an array. I'm hoping there is some "best practice" stuff out there or some one has a little known trick to ease the kludgyness of creating integrations for CA products.... Whenever I start working on a new integration I always seem to get hung up on these arrays: attrVals, propertyValues, attributes. What I am wondering is how others fill these things... When you decide to use a method, what do you do to determine what fields you want to set outside of the required fields? Is there some way to just use another method and return all possible settable keynamess for that method type's arrays? Once you have determined what fields you want to use in a method, how do you know what type of value you need to send (Handle, field name, a DB field name, an object layer object name) ? Once you determine the type of the value, how do you pull or find the actual string value you need to send in the array?
  2. Cool, thanks. /randomRant = ON I hate that everything I do with web services requires me to do lookups. Web services should be smart enough to lookup the string value of the field I want to update and get its own UUID, instead of me having to run a ws method for every field I want to update. It makes my app perform so much slower. :/ /rant = OFF
  3. I have a working ASP/C# project that adds new configuration items to Service Desk, but I need to add functionality that lets me link the new CI to an existing incident or request number. Looking through the R12.5 guide I am not seeing anything for the asset in the request (business)methods. I already have the process working for adding the asset. What method would be used and which properties are required to be set in order to link it to the request?