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  1. thanks Mitu, We are using 12.9 and our requirement is to archive and purge all Incidents till a particular year. We had given the following details in the rule: Configuration object name: incident days inactive: 1460
  2. Hi Experts, We are planning to archive and purge old tickets beyond one particular year. we ran the rule without putting in any query but mentioned only the days inactive, it does not work. We are able to run the rule but nothing comes up under the rule history and also the tickets do not get purged. Please help us with this. Would appreciate if we could get atleast some sample queries. Thanks..
  3. Hi, We created a custom field under CMDB CI page. Have updated the values in DB using schema designer. But when trying to fetch the same field in BOXI, it does not show up. Not sure what has gone wrong here. Please help. Thanks
  4. Hi, We currently have an OU which is configured under LDAP ldap_search_base. We would now like to add one more OU. How do we go about it? Is any restart of service, etc required? Thanks..
  5. Hi, We are using BOXI 3.3 and we have started using the built-in Corporate dashboard, Service Desk Manager Daily Operations. We are able to generate data for all the tickets except the Change Order part. We are getting the below mentioned error when clicking on Change Order category. ERROR: A DATABASE ERROR OCCURRED. THE DATABASE ERROR TEXT IS: [DATADIRECT][ODBC OPENACCESS SDK DRIVER][OPENACCESS SDK SQL ENGINE]SYNTAX ERROR, UNEXPECTED NAME, EXPECTING OWNER_NAME_TOKEN AT CHG. (WIS 10901)(ERROR: INF) Any help as to what could be wrong Thanks..
  6. need to send notification to the assignee of a change order that remains open an hour after it's Scheduled End Date. created following site defined macro and attached it to an event "SCheduled CHeck". Attached the event to a Servicetype "CHgOrderCheck" It has a Delay time of 1 hour and Repeat Delay of 30 minutes. At this point, I've attached the service type to one specific change category. I open a ticket of that category and the notification isn't occurring. No errors in the stdlog. Macro Description if (now() > (sched_end_date) ) set_return_data(TRUE); else set_return_data(FALSE); If all Conditions succeed return Record Status TRUE Active Macro Code if (now() > (sched_end_date) ) set_return_data(TRUE); else set_return_data(FALSE); Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Using SD release 12.9
  7. How can we include the category in the message template If if we include the persid as below will it display the category details. @{call_req_id.type.sym} @{call_req_id.ref_num} : @{call_req_id.persid)
  8. Thanks Mike, as you mentioned earlier I had to reimplement the entire client code using the new webservice as few of the methods has been removed /added in R11.
  9. Thanks Mike. As per the CA SDM Tech Ref guide Pg.956 We will have to generate the stub classes however we don’t find the ArrayOfInt.java and ArrayOfString.java these two files in the location classes\com\ca\www\UnicenterServicePlus\ServiceDesk and also one of the parameter (Propertyvalues) of method createRequest must be of type ArrayOfString as below.. So how can we get these 2 files to generate the classes in CA SDM 12.9 <element name="createRequest"> - <complexType> - <sequence> <element name="sid" type="xsd:int" /> <element name="creatorHandle" type="xsd:string" /> <element name="attrVals" type="impl:ArrayOfString" /> <element name="propertyValues" type="impl:ArrayOfString" /> <element name="template" type="xsd:string" /> <element name="attributes" type="impl:ArrayOfString" /> <element name="newRequestHandle" type="xsd:string" /> <element name="newRequestNumber" type="xsd:string" /> </sequence> </complexType>
  10. From CA SD Implemention its mentioned we need to execute the below commands however I dont see the ArrayOfInt.Java and ArrayOfString.Java files in the classes\com\ca\www\UnicenterServicePlus\ServiceDesk folder. Please advise. @SET CP=".\classes;%CP%" @SET STUBS_DIR=classes\com\ca\www\UnicenterServicePlus\ServiceDesk @cd WEB-INF %JAVAC_EXE% -classpath %CP% -deprecation -d classes %STUBS_DIR%\ArrayOfInt.java %JAVAC_EXE% -classpath %CP% -deprecation -d classes %STUBS_DIR%\ArrayOfString.java %JAVAC_EXE% -classpath %CP% -deprecation -d classes %STUBS_DIR%\ListResult.java %JAVAC_EXE% -classpath %CP% -deprecation -d classes %STUBS_DIR%\USD_WebService.java %JAVAC_EXE% -classpath %CP% -deprecation -d classes %STUBS_DIR%\USD_WebServiceLocator.java %JAVAC_EXE% -classpath %CP% -deprecation -d classes %STUBS_DIR%\USD_WebServiceSoap.java %JAVAC_EXE% -classpath %CP% -deprecation -d classes %STUBS_DIR%\USD_WebServiceSoapSoapBindingStub.java @cd .. After running the batch file from the command prompt, the stub classes are in place and compiled. 6. Recycle Tomcat as follows: ■ pdm_tomcat_nxd -c STOP ■ pdm_tomcat_nxd -c START
  11. Hi All, Recently we migrated from CA 12.5 to CA12.9 and after migration webservice call is failing as we noticed for R11 web service few objects are removed like Arrayof String,ListReturn etc .. Please advise how can tweak the below code Private _ws As sdm_ws1.USD_WebServiceSoapClient Dim AttributeList As sdm_ws1.ArrayOfString = New sdm_ws.ArrayOfString Dim doQueryResult As sdm_ws1.ListReturn = _ws.doQuery(_sid, obj, params) If doQueryResult.ListLength >= 1 Then strReturn = _ws.GetListValues(_sid, doQueryResult.ListHandle, 0, 0, AttributeList) CA 12.9 Web service:sdm_ws1: http://<servername>:8080/axis/services/USD_R11_WebService CA 12.5Web Service sdm_ws: http://<servername>:8080/axis/services/USD_WebServiceSoap
  12. We are facing issue while publishing the schema changes in CA SD12.9 Followed the below steps and it failed at step 3. 1. Shut down the CA SDM services on the background server. 2. Execute the following command on the standby server that you wish to promote as the new background server: pdm_server_control –b 3. Run the following command on the original background server (now the standby server) to update the DBMS with the schema changes: pdm_publish Err: "Cant spawn "cmd.exe": No such file or directory at .\pdm_publish.pl line 104. Please guide us in resolving the issue. We also tried executitng the command in SDM bin directory howver no luck.
  13. Hi, Basically I am trying to get the group name of a assignee pa particular CI however I get the below error Error Getting Data: Error fetching: AHD03053:Bad where clause: Parse error at : "member = '0x691D9505BEA1004DBC9C716AE2235080'" (Bad where clause) Code: Dim xml_ci_data As XmlElement = GetData("nr", "name='" & CI & "'", AttributeList) rsrc_contact_uuid = xml_ci_data.GetElementsByTagName("resource_contact")(0).InnerText Dim xml_grp_data1 As XmlElement = GetData("grpmem", "member = 0x'" + rsrc_contact_uuid + "'", AttributeList) Dim group_uuid As String = xml_grp_data1.GetElementsByTagName("group_id")(0).InnerText Please guide..
  14. Hi Mitu, We could see the webservice calls fails every alternate day and on restarting the tomcat process its starts responding.. Is it can handle only fixed webservice calls.?? Also we dont see any error in std.log Client code we have handled most of the errors.. Please advice..
  15. Thanks so much Mitu the web service calls are responding after restarting the tomcat process.
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