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  1. Hi everyone, I have a problem with Support Automation, I try to explain it, when i invite a end user to "Live Assistance" through their incident, by my side the Support automation Analist interface execute and works properly, but in the end user side, when i , or my workmate have clicked on "Join Analyst now" the end user interface opens a new windows and instantly it dissapears and nothing more happend. I have reviewed the configuration of Firewall, ports, SA configuration, Event Viewer, SA logs, and all is right, I did not find any errors in any site. I open a case with CA support, but they just tell me to install the 32bit JRE, which solves several errors... I have got installed on client workstations the followings Java JRE: - 1.8.0_111 -1.7.0_79 -1.6.0_41 -1.5.0_11 Anyone have any ideas? Thanks and regards Alejandro.
  2. Hi I want to use the pdm_text_cdm command line to create a incident, but i don't know why when the incident was created, the user of the command line(externo.ca) appears how "Assignee" and Customer. I've put in the txt file, next fields: %Type=I %Customer=des.externo.ca %Group=Admin . SDM- Microinformática y atención a usuarios. %Priority=4 %Category=peticion %Summary=prueba %Description= prueba... Command line--> pdm_text_cmd -u externo.ca -t Incident -f prueba1.txt In the stdlog appears these errors: fetch_dob_list last_name (Admin . SDM- Microinformática y atención a usuarios) in Factory (grp) not found. In command prompt appears: * AHD58007 There was an error trying to configure GROUP as Admin . SDM- Microinformática y atención a usuarios. For details on record Original entry: (the same values that are above) * I want that when the incident is created, the log_agent (the user who creates it) is predetermined, and the assignee is empty, and set a priority too. How can i do it?? I don't understand fine the text_api file to configure. Thanks and Regards. Alejandro.
  3. Good morning, I'm trying to create a report since last week, but i don't know why, the BOXI aplications doesn't work properly, we have different failures / problems: Sometimes it works for a few minutes but when i try to update the data suddenly any of errors appears (see it below, first screenshots). I review all configuration, the odbc in Production enviroment was correctly, in the BOXI (3.3) server too, the Universe was loading correctly too and his connection it's correct. The ODBC version is 3. When i run a report, in the stdlog, from PRO env (SDM 12.5) i can see the SQL query when the "sqlagt" write the numbers of rows for each query (5000 rows per query) and when it reach a random numbers of rows (sometimes 25000 rows, other 400000) stops displaying rows and i don't know if the query has stopped or failed or something. Today, i had to restart the SDM servers because the network come down, and when the sdm daemons are restarting i can see, in the log, a "querys" from 25400 rows to 1206200 with the same or similar querys like the reports that i executed yesterday, it's like when i restart the service, the querys that had been in "stand by" or similar would be completed by reboot. Any help, please? Thanks and Regards. Alejandro sample Query: 01/21 09:02:56.63 sqlagt:select4 60888 SIGNIFICANT prov_base.c 959 SQL Query has returned (285000) rows for (web:local/externo.sc). Clause (SELECT incident_category.sym, incident.close_date, incident.open_date, incident_status.sym, incident.ref_num, incident_group.last_name, incident.priority, alg_type.code, alg_type.sym, (incident.resolve_date), alg.description, alg.time_stamp, incident.close_date - incident.open_date, incident_priority.sym, incident_priority.sym, incident_assignee_organization.org_name, incident_assignee_location.location_name FROM act_log alg INNER JOIN call_req incident ON alg.call_req_id = incident.persid LEFT JOIN prob_ctg incident_category ON incident.category = incident_category.persid LEFT JOIN cr_stat incident_status ON incident.status = incident_status.code LEFT JOIN ca_contact incident_group ON incident.group_id = incident_group.contact_uuid LEFT JOIN pri incident_priority ON incident.priority = incident_priority.enum LEFT JOIN ca_contact incident_assignee ON incident.assignee = incident_assignee.contact_uuid LEFT JOIN ca_organization incident_assignee_organization ON incident_assignee.organization_uuid = incident_assignee_organization.organization_uuid LEFT JOIN ca_location incident_assignee_location ON incident_assignee.location_uuid = incident_assignee_location.location_uuid LEFT JOIN act_type alg_type ON alg.type = alg_type.code WHERE ( incident_group.last_name NOT LIKE ? AND ( ( (incident.open_date) BETWEEN 1420066860 AND 1451602740 ) ) )) Input (<string>%CAU OM%) BOXI Server ODCB to PRODUCTION ENVIROMENT PRODUCTION ENV. ODBC:
  4. Good Morning, Apparently the bug has been fixed thanks to support response, the error was in the Designer, he had set an ODBC instead of ODBC 3 and modifying the connection using the ODBC 3 the error has not reappeared.
  5. Hi, I'm Alejandro, I work with Bussines Objects 3.3 for reports, usually it's work fine, but sometimes it displayed the following errors: * "Se produjo un error en la base de datos. El texto de error de la base de datos es: [DataDirect][ODBC OpenAccess SDK driver][OpenAccess SDK Client]TCP/IP, connection reset by peer. (WIS 10901)" *Se produjo un error en la base de datos. El texto de error de la base de datos es: [DataDirect][ODBC OpenAccess SDK driver]An error occurred, but no diagnostics are available.. (WIS 10901) these errors are completely random, I can be working for several hours without problems and suddenly when I update the report appear any of those errors and I can't do anything during the day. ODBC and the universe configuration are correctly, because otherwise there wouldn't work, and this errors happens almost daily, so we can get reports correctly when the errors disappears. Sometimes the error disappears after a while as it has been and we can continue working. Thanks, Regards Alejandro.
  6. Good morning, Mitu Thanks for your answer, this step is already made, because the infoview's reports have been running, in other forum i have given the correct answer, the problem was in the Central Manager Server's port, it was automatically assigned request port, and i assign the port to 6401,and it works! Thanks for everything. Regards.
  7. you mean the configuration of "trusted Principal.conf" and add the shared secret CMC? yes, I have configured, and also have the user created in SDM and BOXI. Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone, we have a problem with the tab reports on SDM , when we click on this tab, it opens a new window and in a few minutes, we get a warning suggesting that we have the "shared secret" misconfigured, but we followed various guides of the product and we have the same shared secret in the file "TrustedPrincipal.conf" (in C:\Program Files\CA\Service Desk Manager\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\webapps\CAisd), in CMC preferences, on BOXI server, Shared Secret are the same, and the file "web.xml" (C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\SC\CommonReporting3\Tomcat7\webapps\OpenDocument\WEB-INF) also configured correctly. This is the error message: Error de comunicación al intentar la conexión con el servidor <server>:6400 (FWM 01009) attempt to establish connection failed: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect. Also ensure the following 1.Trusted Principal authentication is enabled in BOXI. 2.Shared secret is Updated in Trusted Principal.conf file located in NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\CATALINA_BASE\webapps\CAisd. 3.Both shared secrets mentioned in BOXI and TrustedPrincipal.conf file are same. My SDM/admin/options mgr/web report settings, are too correctly configured - CMS = <server>:6400 - Location = http://<server>:<8080> - secEnterprise I have an Production enviroment where i click on "Report's Tab" which connects to BOXI server. On BOXI servers all ports are open (6400-6410, 8080), we were created firewall rules that allow communication between two computers and ports 6400-6410 and 8080, but still I've noticed that some ports are not always listening, I tried to use Telnet from Production to BOXI, it's try to connect but in a few seconds says "press any key to continue" and when i pressed, he says that "connection to host lost". I found a "jsrvr.log" with information and errors of "BOServlets" and others processes, but I don't know how to fix this. e.g: 07/01 09:33:11.727[http-8080-Processor25] ERROR BOServlet 372 AHD04802: User authentication error 07/01 09:37:38.263[http-8080-Processor23] ERROR UploadServlet ? Connection reset by peer: socket write error Thanks, and i apologize for my English.
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