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  1. I applied cumulative Patch 4 and find that when I click (in an Incident) Activities>>Update Status, the Status field is a lookup field and no longer a dropdown field. This happened after Cumulative Patch #2 and I was able to correct it by changing the SelListCacheMax from 10 to 20. That max is currently set at 20 so I don't know why I'm getting the search option.
  2. CA recommends FAST ESP be installed on a dedicated server (2 cpu's with quad core processor). Has anyone installed on a VMware slice? Success? Any issues or concerns? If you haven't done it that way, can you think of any reasons not to?
  3. 1. If the survey cycle is set to 25 and the stricter rules is checked, what happens if the survey kicks out to a customer that has already completed one? Will it send to #26 or will it wait for the next cycle? 2. Can I "reset" a survey or do I have to inactivate it and create a brand new duplicate one when I want to reset the stricter rules? If I have to recreate one, is there a way to copy it or do I have to manually create a new one?
  4. Sure, I can understand that, but this only happening for one analyst. He has the same standard scoreboard queries that everyone else has so that would indicate that they are active. Just some sort of disconnect from his ID. Any other thoughts??
  5. I have an Analyst whose scoreboard does not show the counts, but displays a ? instead. If you click the ? you get an "unknown error" message. His scoreboard is not customized in any way and I had him Reset it but that did not help. Any suggestions?
  6. How can I change the Request "Status" field from a search field to a dropdown field?
  7. I need to create a data partition so Employee access types can view only the top level of the Incident/Request Area treet. For example, for a Incident Area of "Hardware.Printer.Broken", I only want the Employee to see "Hardware". I know this is a popular constraint so I'm hoping someone can help.
  8. Is there a way to change the Description field to allow pasting screen shots? My users are complaining that they have to save a screen shot (in Word) and Attach to the ticket.
  9. I can create an approval template for documents to be published to certain knowledge categories. Can I create an approval template for a specific group no matter what category the publish to or does the template have to apply only to a category? For example, I want all the documents my Service Desk analysts submit to be approved by the Service Desk supervisor before they are published, but I want other IT staff to publish knowledge without an approval layer. Can I do that?
  10. Need help with workflow tasks (Classic, not CA Workflow) in a Change Order. I need help with Actions on True for Reject: WF 10 Approve new Oracle ID Approve WF - send notification to WF 20 Assignee and set WF 20 status to Pending Reject WF - change status of WF 20 to Complete. (Don't want it to go to Pending) WF 20 Create new Oracle ID Approve Pending Complete WF 30 Install Oracle Application Complete Pending I need help figuring out how to skip WF 20 if a new Oracle ID is not needed. The WF 10 Assignee needs to be able to Reject WF 10 and go straight to WF 30 without notifying the WF 20 Assignee who is a different person and doesn't need to get involved or be notified of anything. I don't want the WF 20 Assignee to have to complete WF 20 if WF 10 is Rejected. Is this possible?
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