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  1. Hi Sanjoy, What is the location of text document? I mean it is resides on the same server where PAM is install or other remote server. Best Regards, Sonam
  2. Hi Sanjoy, As your problem is solved, can you please marked you issue as Resolved. Best Regards, Sonam
  3. Hi Sumit, Can you please describe a little bit so that we can understand your requirements. If you want to know how to create Action macro please check below link Best Regards, Sonam
  4. Hi, it should be like Table : prob_ctg Constraint type: View Constraint: sym IN ('1st_Category_Name','2nd_Category_Name',.........) With in parenthesis provide the category symbol which you want to show analyst. Best Regards, Sonam
  5. Hi, Please check below link http://greggsmith.net/wiki/index.php?title=Data_Partitions It will give you a primary idea about Data Partition. Best Regards, Sonam
  6. Hi, Maileater do not know about any role.Its role independent.So don't worry about that. Best Regards, Sonam
  7. Hi Team, When end user creating Incident or Request , user got popup message for searching knowledge .My requirement is to change this popup message.Is it possible to change? Best Regards, Sonam
  8. Hi Team, Is it possible to extract only transaction data.If possible how can I do this.Any suggestion and thought process will be highly appreciable. Best Regards, Sonam
  9. Hello Karthik, As fer as I know you can achieve this functionality to creating two form groups for employee.Then create two interface for incident creation 1. enable with urgency functionality 2. disable with urgency functionality.Place two interface in two form groups. Thanks, Sonam
  10. Sometime SID return Garbage Value. I think this is the one of reason. Thanks, Sonam
  11. Please mention the version of PAM. Thanks, Sonam
  12. Hi cdtj, I am able to track the id of the dropdown created in load_properties.htmpl file, but might be these properties dropdowns not belongs to the document. So I am not able to find the element by document.getElementById(). It is always fetching null values(I have written my code in load_properties.htmpl file). So I am not able to attach the event to these properties dropdown. Thanks, Sonam
  13. Hi All, I have added some set of questions as properties in category. Now I have a requirement that depending on first property value I need to show other properties. That mean if the value of property 1 is ABC the property 2 otherwise property 3 will be displayed. Is is possible in any way ? Please help me to get out of this problem. Thanks, Sonam
  14. What is the use of CAB field in Change Category Detail Page? Thanks Sonam
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