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  1. stuartfromnz

    Tooltip on Dropdown

    Does anyone know how to change the tooltip on a PDM Macro dtlDropdown ? I was unsuccessfully trying via a function, using the evt option https://communities.ca.com/thread/97801197
  2. stuartfromnz

    Survey header

    Hello, Does anyone know how to achieve what lmistele asked? I'm trying to edit the do_svy.htmpl file to reference the ticket type, number and summary. But using these variables does not work: @{call_req_id.type.sym} @{call_req_id.ref_num} "@{call_req_id.summary}" Thanks Stuart
  3. stuartfromnz

    Change Color On Drop Down Field ? SDM 12.9

    Thanks heaps cdtj !
  4. Hello, I wish to change the color of the "Status" field on the detail_wf.htmpl form, when it is in edit mode. It is using the statement detailRowHdr, which I don't know how to manipulate. detailRowHdr("Status", 1 , "$args.REQUIRED_status"); var item = '<PDM_SELECT NAME=SET.status ESC_STYLE=HTML FACTORY=tskstat WF_FAC_FOR_TSKSTAT=wf SELECTED="$args.status" SELECTED_SYM="$args.status.COMMON_NAME" TITLE="' + _dtl.lastHdrtext + '">'; var ins_pos = item.indexOf("NAME="); if (ins_pos > 0) { _dtl.tabIndex++; item = item.substring(0, ins_pos) + " TABINDEX=" + _dtl.tabIndex + " " + item.substring(ins_pos, item.length); } detailSetRowData(item); Any ideas? Thanks Stuart
  5. Has anyone attempted implementing this for change orders ? I'm assuming I just find and replace cr with chg ?
  6. stuartfromnz

    R12 - Edit schedule end date

    Thanks Mike, any idea on how to have the schedule duration field still show the correct value, based on the schedule start and schedule end dates set ?
  7. stuartfromnz

    Resolved: Call Back Date/Time field

    Are you supposed to edit the ticket and manaully clear the callback date/time? Because Activities > Callback doesn't do it.
  8. Hello, We are using CA Service Desk Manager 12.6 and CABI 3.3 SP1 (BOXI 3.1 SP6). I have a requirement to report on what tickets where initially assigned to a particular group at creation. I cannot see a way to report on this via searching the Activity Log Table, but can using the usp_kpi_ticket_data table via SQL Management Studio using this SQL query. *It only works if group assigned changes once, which works fine for us, as only the Service Desk can close tickets. (In this example the SDM group name is System Admins) SELECT [derived].[ref_num], [usp_kpi_ticket_data].[field_value], [derived].[minid] FROM (SELECT [call_req].[ref_num], MIN([usp_kpi_ticket_data].[id]) AS [minid] FROM [mdb].[dbo].[usp_kpi_ticket_data] INNER JOIN [mdb].[dbo].[call_req] ON [usp_kpi_ticket_data].[obj_id]=[call_req].[id] WHERE [usp_kpi_ticket_data].[field_name]='group' GROUP BY [call_req].[ref_num] ) AS [derived] INNER JOIN [mdb].[dbo].[usp_kpi_ticket_data] ON [derived].[minid] = [usp_kpi_ticket_data].[id] WHERE [usp_kpi_ticket_data].[field_value]='System Admins' ORDER BY [usp_kpi_ticket_data].[id] I have been unable to get this query to work within CABI. Firstly I created a new derived table via Designer with this SQL Expression. SELECT cr.ref_num, MIN(ktd.id) AS minid FROM ktd INNER JOIN cr ON ktd.obj_id=cr.id WHERE ktd.field_name='group' GROUP BY cr.ref_num Then created a new Web Intelligence document with this SQL code SELECT derived.`DERIVED.REF_NUM`, derived.`DERIVED.MINID` FROM ( SELECT cr.ref_num, MIN(ktd.id) AS minid FROM ktd INNER JOIN cr ON ktd.obj_id=cr.id WHERE ktd.field_name='group' GROUP BY cr.ref_num ) derived INNNER JOIN ktd ON derived.`DERIVED.MINID`=ktd.id ORDER BY ktd.id But I get the error "A database error occured. The database error text is: [DataDirect][ODBC OpenAccess SDK driver][OpenAccess SDK SQL Engine]syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting FROM at DERIVED .. (WIS 10901)" Any ideas out there?
  9. Can I get a working example of someone using this code, as I'm confused about the line "use code of change order status ( here : app )"
  10. stuartfromnz

    unable to parse XML

    I have the exact same problem, any solutions out there?
  11. stuartfromnz


    For SDM 12.6 users with cumulative patch 3. With reference to this KB article https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/kbproblem...1414#properties Ensure you follow this post installation optional step to enable the != operator, when running pdm_ldap_import.exe 8. (OPTIONAL STEP) For Problem: PDM_LDAP_IMPORT FAILED TO FECTH RECORDS USING != OPERATOR ( Prob# USRD 1414 ) a. Create a file named ldap.mod under $NX_ROOT\site\mods\majic. b. Add the following entry depending on the LDAP you have configured with Service Desk Manager: For Windows AD add: MODIFY ldap userid sAMAccountName ; For IBM Lotus add: MODIFY ldap userid uid ; For Novell add: MODIFY ldap userid pzUserName ;
  12. stuartfromnz


    I have the same problem as mohiz, I want to import all Active Directory records, except those containing a _ character. Anyone got any answers for this issue?
  13. stuartfromnz

    r12.6 Search List Fields

    Cheers for the reply, I thought there may have been a preference setting in the client.
  14. Hello, We have just moved from CA Service Desk 11.2 to 12.6. Staff are asking for more column fields such as End User and Open Date, when they view a scoreboard item, or search on Requests or Incidents etc. The default fields that are showing after a search in 12.6 are: Request, Summary,Priority,Category, Status,Assigned To & Projected Violation. Anyone know how to add more column fields to the list_cr, list_in & list_pr pages? Cheers Stuart