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  1. We are using SDM 12.9, this has become a bigger issue after moving from Office 2013 to Office 365. Is there a way to change the default export extension from xls to xml? I couldn't see a reference within export.js Also if anyone has the content of TEC567456 could they please post it here, thanks Stuart.
  2. Hello, Currently when viewing the Change Workflow List form (list_wf.htmpl), the Go resource button defaults to the drop down 'Request/Incident/Problem'. Anyone know how to change this so the Go resource button defaults to the drop down 'Change Order'? Thanks Stuart
  3. Hello, I wish to change the color of the "Status" field on the detail_wf.htmpl form, when it is in edit mode. It is using the statement detailRowHdr, which I don't know how to manipulate. detailRowHdr("Status", 1 , "$args.REQUIRED_status"); var item = '<PDM_SELECT NAME=SET.status ESC_STYLE=HTML FACTORY=tskstat WF_FAC_FOR_TSKSTAT=wf SELECTED="$args.status" SELECTED_SYM="$args.status.COMMON_NAME" TITLE="' + _dtl.lastHdrtext + '">'; var ins_pos = item.indexOf("NAME="); if (ins_pos > 0) { _dtl.tabIndex++; item = item.substring(0, ins_pos) + " TABINDEX=" + _dt
  4. Hello, We are using CA Service Desk Manager 12.6 and CABI 3.3 SP1 (BOXI 3.1 SP6). I have a requirement to report on what tickets where initially assigned to a particular group at creation. I cannot see a way to report on this via searching the Activity Log Table, but can using the usp_kpi_ticket_data table via SQL Management Studio using this SQL query. *It only works if group assigned changes once, which works fine for us, as only the Service Desk can close tickets. (In this example the SDM group name is System Admins) SELECT [derived].[ref_num], [usp_kpi_ticket_data].[field_value], [d
  5. I have the exact same problem, any solutions out there?
  6. Cheers for the reply, I thought there may have been a preference setting in the client.
  7. Hello, We have just moved from CA Service Desk 11.2 to 12.6. Staff are asking for more column fields such as End User and Open Date, when they view a scoreboard item, or search on Requests or Incidents etc. The default fields that are showing after a search in 12.6 are: Request, Summary,Priority,Category, Status,Assigned To & Projected Violation. Anyone know how to add more column fields to the list_cr, list_in & list_pr pages? Cheers Stuart
  8. Thanks for the reply Mitu, in the end I found that modifying the functional access "Reference" from view to modify worked. However I'm unsure of what other effects this has.
  9. I have upgraded our test environment from CA Service Desk 11.2 to CA Service Desk Manager 12.6. During the migration the Analyst access type from 11.2 is renamed to r11 Analyst. My problem is I cannot get the mouse-over preview feature to work on the r11 Analyst access type. For starters this access type cannot see the menu option "View" -> "Preferences". I know for the new 12.6 access types this is present and the mouse-over preview options are inside. Any ideas on how I can get the mouse-over preview working for this migrated r11 access type? Cheers Stuart
  10. Hello, I am just begining to work with CA Service Desk Manager 12.6. I'm trying to implement the sample customization from this site, of being able to change incidents to requets and vice versa. For instance placing this code inside the detail_in.htmpl file works fine <PDM_IF "$args.id" != "0" && "$prop.form_name_3" == "edit" && "$args.KEEP.MAKE_COPY" != "1" && $args.children.length == 0> <PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlDropdown hdr="Type" attr=type lookup=no whereclause="sym!='Problem'" make_required=yes> </PDM_IF> but..............when you click edit on the
  11. Thanks Mitu, I found the forum post on the CA site by Jon Israel regarding a 'Swing box migration', but I cannnot find the technical document (TEC578669). Are you able to confirm for me that is the correct number? Cheers Stuart
  12. Hello, I am wanting to migrate CA Service Desk 11.2 to 12.6 Our 11.2 system configuration consists of 2 Windows 2003 servers. 1 hosting the application, the other hosting the SQL Sever 2005 database. The 12.6 system will be hosted on two new 2008 R2 servers, again 1 hosting the application, the other hosting the SQL Sever 2005 database. So my basic plan is as follows: 1. Ugrade the 11.2 database server, by running the 12.6 CA MDB installer. 2. Upgrade the 11.2 application server, by running the 12.6 CA Service Desk Manager installer. 3. Copy the newly upgraded 12.6 database to from the
  13. Thanks Mitu, Its a nice day today ! Where would you recommend the CA Business Intelligence CMS database to be held. So 1 application server should hold SDM & CABI, and 1 database server hosting the SDM database and CABI CMS database? In my case our database administrators will not allow for any databases to be held on a application server.
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