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  1. Hi I´m creating an spel that puts the firetime of SLA expiration event in a date field in the call_req table. This part is ok, but if I pause the SLA events, my spel puts a date in this field that is the number of seconds of the remaining sla time. Because of this, the date field is filled with a date near 1/1/1970. What I want is if I pause the SLA (I was able to determine this), I set de date field as null. I try do define the date field in spell with many ways, but nothing worked. Thanks Paulo
  2. I did a migration from sdm 12.1 to sdm 12.5. I have several spel code that uses the following method: send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "crs", "val_by_key", "code", status_atual_cod, (int) 1, "sym"); Afted the migration this code stops working with a bad argument error in log. Does anyone know if this method is already valid in sdm12.5?
  3. In my service desk implementation, I´m using full contact names in last_name field I´m integrating SD with microsoft AD. In my AD structure, not all users have their full names in AD displayName field. What I´m trying to do, but I don´t know how, is to define a line in ldap.mod that concatenates AD givenName and sn fields and put this in the SD last_name field. Is this possible?
  4. I need to insert new itens in scratchpad like configuration itens. Someone know how to do that. I'm using SD 12.1 I need help!!!!1
  5. Service Desk 12.1 I need to generate a business objects report but I have a problem. I need to create a function that compares a date inserted by the user from the filters with a date in a date field from SD. The problem is that the captured date inserted by the user is a text and I can´t compare it with the date filed. I executed other functions to isolate every field of the date (year, month, day and so on) and this values are numbers. I also extracted the parts of the text of user input, but these fields ate string. I need a way to convert this string to number to compare it with date fields or another way that I can do this comparisson. Thanks Paulo
  6. I need to make a report that contains informations about change orders and one of this informations is about configuration itens related to changes but not the CIs in the project field. I need information of CIs in LREL table (asset LREL) It´s possible to make this type of report? Thanks Paulo
  7. The program you suggested doesn´t worked for me, but I downloaded PE Explorer and with it, I can open the dll file and directly edit it. Problem resolved
  8. I´m using SD 11.2 I compiled the pdm.dll but I discovered an error in one of the texts. The problem is that I lost the pdm.mc file with all traductions. Is there a way to decompile the pdm.dll and generate a pdm.mc file with all the messages in the dll. Thanks Paulo
  9. Problem Resolved We need to create new Atribute Aliases to the SREL fields in Service Desk Administration and this fields with be introduced in boxi universe.
  10. I configured my universe and included the custom fields I created in chg table. Some of this custom fields are SREL to custom tables. I also put these custom tables in universe and linked these tables to the related chg field. The problem is that I don´t know how to configure the relationship between the fields. I changed some parameters clicking in the link between fields but nothing happens. My problem is that if I put this custom field in report, the result returns only some lines of database, not all. Analysing the query generated by boxi if I run the report show a inner join and not a full join. How can I configure the relationship to make a full join?
  11. Anyone know if its possible change this logs. Its very important
  12. Thanks Ths solution of gityerfix worked well. Problem resolved
  13. Try the code like this: this.chg.status = "APR"; I´m using this code and its working well
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