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  1. You Can check Request area. If there is group mentioned as Service Desk in selected request area. Thanks,
  2. Hi Estlio, Can we achieve this through javascript. We don't want to use post_ci spell script because it requires a refresh of the page. Regards, Vikash
  3. Hi Folks, We have a requirement to change the urgency of cr when we change the Affected Service Field. (We have created a custom field in affected service named z_urgency ). In CA there is already a functionality to reflect the impact of affected service in cr. Can we make it for urgency also. Any help/Suggestion would be appreciated. Regards, Vikash
  4. Hi Folks, I want to write an attribute level trigger. We want to change the urgency at the moment we change the affected_service field on the incident page. I tried with ON_PRE_VAL. But spell code is not triggering at the moment I changed the affected_service field. Please help us to achieve it. Thanks, Vikash
  5. Hi Folks, We have to filter subject line which contain string like "test [use this bracket] test 2" . As in SDM square bracket "[" is used as a keyword. So can I filter anyway my string in subject line which contains the square bracket. Thanks, Vikash
  6. Hi All, I know, it is difficult to test but can any one suggest the way to go ahead for this requirement. Or it is not possible? Regards, Vikash
  7. Hi All, We have a requirement to use two different mail account to create and update ticket in CA SDM. One account will be responsible for only creating the tickets while other should only update the ticket. Is it possible in CA via email eater? However we have only one mail server. Thanks, Vikash
  8. You have not mentioned the configurations and from which server you are trying to export. Is primary or secondary server?
  9. In site folder detail_in.htmpl file just search "in_relreq_tab.htmpl" and replace this with "cr_relreq_tab.htmpl". NB: If you want request only.
  10. Hi, I am using SDM r14.1. We have a requirement to put a button on request/incident page, by clicking on the button will assign the current user to assignee field. Regards, Vikash
  11. Hi gbruneau, We have published a field on the cr table. The published custom field capture the description of the solution via spel script upon submission of the solution. So we have created a log comment on the custom field update. The main intention was to capture the description of the solution in log comment which is not OTB functionality. So we have achieved the functionality with the custom field update log comment. If I can modify the OTB Log solution comment in the activity log so that it can capture the description detail of the log solution. This should be fair enoug
  12. I have one more concern. will this work same as OTB Log solution because we need to publish it in KB also. Regrads, Vikash
  13. Yes gbruneau, I need you help in creating the new activity and assigning the log comment for the same. Thanks, Vikash
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