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  1. How do commands pdm_load, pdm_userload and pdm_extract work exactly? What happens in the back end when the commands run?
  2. Where can I get some additional information on different CA SDM processes. I could find a basic one line description in the admin document but would like to know some more details regarding processes like domsrvr.
  3. We are using CA SDM 12.6 Can we change the attributes (i.e. color, text size) for the property type 'read only note'?
  4. We are using CA SDM 12.6 Can we stop all mails (status update, survey, created, log comment) sent by SDM for a particular category?
  5. The limitation I want to overcome is the one which limits the total number of characters in the dropdown list. I think this limitation might be due to its size in the database. Also second limitation here is that routing of tickets cannot be done based on the properties. This is possible using elements on the main form.
  6. For a particular category I want to have a dropdown for time zone. Dropdown available in properties have size limitation and cannot include all values. Is there a workaround to this size limitation..so that I can use properties to suffice my requirement?
  7. We are using CA SDM 12.6 I need to hide/show some fields on the create change order form (detail_chg.htmpl) based on the category selected. How can this be achieved?
  8. We are using CA SDM 12.6 Can ticket routing be done based on the property selected? Simply using chg.property.value in action macro does not work.
  9. We are using CA SDM 12.6 Is it possible to implement edit in list on employee list_wf page. Copying the code as it is from analyst pages is not helping.
  10. Still behaving the same way...I think I'm missing something and this is a totally wrong way of implementing the functionality.
  11. In the std_body_site.htmpl page the highlighted code was added:(clicking on back does not work and displays a blank page) <PDM_IF "1" != "${args.KEEP.IsPopUp:0}" && "1" != "${args.popupType:0}"> if (for_role) { document.write(' <A HREF="$cgi?SID=$prop.SID+FID=123+OP=DISPLAY_FORM+HTMPL=list_wf.htmpl" onclick="detailCancel();return true;" '); document.writeln('accesskey=m><span>Back</span></A> '); document.write(' <A HREF="$cgi?SID=$prop.SID+FID=123+OP=DISPLAY_FORM+HTMPL=home.htmpl" onclick="detailCancel();return true;" '); document.writeln('accesskey=m><span>Home</span></A> '); document.writeln('<SPAN class="menulink_separator">|</SPAN>'); document.write(' <A HREF="$cgi?SID=$prop.SID+FID=123+OP=DISPLAY_FORM+HTMPL=about.htmpl" onclick="detailCancel();return true;" '); document.writeln('><span>Contact Us</span></A> '); // document.writeln('<SPAN class="menulink_separator">|</SPAN>'); // document.write(' <a href="java script:help_on_form(\'$prop.form_name\');" '); // document.writeln('><span>Help</span></a> '); } else { document.write(' <A HREF="$cgi?SID=$prop.SID+FID=123+OP=DISPLAY_FORM+HTMPL=list_wf.htmpl" '); document.writeln('class=emp_menu accesskey=m><span>Back</span></A> '); document.write(' <A HREF="$cgi?SID=$prop.SID+FID=123+OP=DISPLAY_FORM+HTMPL=home.htmpl" '); document.writeln('class=emp_menu accesskey=m><span>Home</span></A> '); document.write(' <A HREF="$cgi?SID=$prop.SID+FID=123+OP=DISPLAY_FORM+HTMPL=about.htmpl" '); document.writeln('class=emp_menu><span>About</span></A> '); // document.write(' <a href="java script:help_on_form(\'$prop.form_name\');" '); // document.writeln('class=emp_menu><span>Help</span></a> '); } </PDM_IF>
  12. Hello Mitu, This is awesome...the issue was resolved after the data partition was deactivated. This issue was really embarrassing...and the resolution is highly appreciated! Now the employee is able to login but when he opens any knowledge document, he just gets a popup saying 'parse error, expecting "(" at read_pgroup N"' This is happening only for a particular employee....any suggestion on this? Also, wanted to know how did you find out the cause of the issue?
  13. Yes...this worked fine! Thank you very much!
  14. We are using CA SDM 12.6 Once employee opens any ticket detail page, he has the link to go back to home page and not the list page. I added link to list page similar to what was there for home page but it is not working and gives a blank page. How can this back button functionality be achieved?
  15. We are using CA SDM 12.6 Sometimes while editing tickets or logging comments, the save button is replaced by 'Accept' button. In such cases whatever changes are done are not reflected on the ticket. It works fine again after some time or if the lock is deleted from 'current locks' Is there any solution to this?
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