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  1. Pessoal, Já que não existe nenhum grupo de discussão de CA Service Desk Manager no Brasil, resolvi tomar a iniciativa e criá-lo no Facebook. A ideia é publicar publicar tópicos interessantes relacionados a customizações e funcionalidades do produto. Além discutir assuntos relacionados a processo, trocando experiências com os usuários, administradores e customizadores da solução. Quem quiser ingressar no grupo, basta acessar o link abaixo: https://www.facebook.com/groups/usuariossdmbrasil/ Será um prazer ter você conosco. Te aguardo lá.
  2. I need to remove the relationship between configuration items (nr) and maintenance windows (window) through the web service provided by the Service Desk. This relationship occurs in the table "ci_window" through fields of type BREL. Below illustrate what happens when you try to run the method "removeLrelRelationships" web service based on the table of maintenance windows: call: <ser:removeLrelRelationships> <sid>937280104</sid> <contextObject>window:400013</contextObject> <lrelName>ci</lrelName> <removeObjectHandles> <string>ci_window:400012</string> </removeObjectHandles> </ser:removeLrelRelationships> return: <soapenv:Fault> <faultcode>soapenv:Client</faultcode> <faultstring>Bad handle passed to update_handle for lrel 'ci' - it's of the wrong type! Offending handle: ci_window:400012</faultstring> <faultactor/> <detail> <ErrorMessage>Bad handle passed to update_handle for lrel 'ci' - it's of the wrong type! Offending handle: ci_window:400012</ErrorMessage> <ErrorCode>1000</ErrorCode> </detail> </soapenv:Fault> And then the same call type based on the configuration items below call: <ser:removeLrelRelationships> <sid>937280104</sid> <contextObject>nr:1B947EECD09DB148ABE8675FED5D006D</contextObject> <lrelName>window</lrelName> <removeObjectHandles> <string>window:400013</string> </removeObjectHandles> </ser:removeLrelRelationships> return: <soapenv:Fault> <faultcode>soapenv:Client</faultcode> <faultstring>Internal err with getCODob: NOT FOUND</faultstring> <faultactor/> <detail> <ErrorMessage>Internal err with getCODob: NOT FOUND</ErrorMessage> <ErrorCode>102</ErrorCode> </detail> </soapenv:Fault> Can anyone help?
  3. Does anyone know any efficient method to generate an export of the given object in the SDM (eg isscat) in pdm_load format? Much like the 'Archive' feature that generates an export including all child objects in a single file. I know I can customize the 'Archive' including thios object in arcpur.cfg file, but the problem is that I would like to run this process in the command line. I know that in version 11.2 of the SDM there was a command-line utility that made it online, but in version 12.7 no longer exists. I need this utility to develop a routine to import a certain category of occurrence with all child objects of a development environment and export to another production environment, ie different databases mdb. Any idea? Thank you for listening.
  4. Does anyone know any method SPEL that directs the contents of a variable to a TXT file? The only way I found was running a shell with the function 'exec': zs_filename = "C:\\text_cmd_dbb2.txt"; zs_content + = "% assignee = servicedesk"; zs_content + = "% CUSTOMER servicedesk ="; zs_content + = "% CATEGORY = Add.it"; zs_content + = "% SUMMARY = Test incident open"; zs_content + = "% DESCRIPTION = bla bla bla bla bla"; zs_content + = "% {PROPERTY = {Name:}} John Dohn"; zs_content + = "% {PROPERTY = {Country: Brazil}}"; zs_cmd = format ("CMD / U / C ^% s>% s", zs_content, zs_filename); exec (zs_cmd); Does anyone know another way to use the command 'expand' or the command 'printf'? I appreciate the attention.
  5. Thanks for the reply Mitu. How this feature TEXT API works ? Can you tell me some reference or example?
  6. You need to create a new column SREL in the table CR using the WSP pointing this column for the custom table repmeth. Then simply add the following line: <PDM_MACRO Name=dtlDropdown hdr="Reporting Method" attr=repmeth.sym lookup=no>
  7. I created a method that creates any kind of file-based ticket gencr.frg the SDM. But I need this ticket is created with some required properties already filled. As the properties are stored in specific table BREL, I am not able to do this spell. Can anyone help me?
  8. Unfortunately I was forced to modularize some functions in the code SPELL because it is a recursive routine to control steps to avoid unnecessary duplicate query to the database. Some variables declared in the code must necessarily be static content, must be within the auxiliary functions and must be declared publicly. This is my difficulty. Anyway thank you very much your help. PS.: I tried using constants in the code but they do not work when it is triggered by the trigger.
  9. I have attached the SPL source files, MOD and error message. The code is complex because it performs a tracking function relationship of CI's. The difficulty is to make some static variables declared globally work when called by the trigger. If you can help, I will thank a lot. err.txt z_chg.mod.txt z_identifica_relacionamentos_chg.spl.txt
  10. I made a customization in the SDM which included 12.5 Majic two files in the folder (z_functions.spl and z_chg.mod). The MOD file defines a trigger that calls a function specifies the SPL file. The file SPL contains GLOBAL variables declared outside of functions. When I run this file SPL through command BOP_CMD, works correctly. But when I call the function through the trigger, global variables are not declared and the function generates an error. Does anyone have any tips to give me? Thank you.
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