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  1. Hi In the notification activity create in 2 scenarii (2 rules) One notification rule where you test if assignee is filled and the other when the assignee is not You can set different messages and recipients If this can help Regards
  2. TSE Terminal Services (mstsc) take remote control of the primary server
  3. What does your URL looks like ? Something like that : http://MyServerName or MyServerIPAddress/CAisd/pdmweb.exe If so replace the My serverName or MyServerIPAddress by the primary server details. If you decided to have a redirection on the Secondary server s try to use TOMCAT port :8080 Or connect to your Primary server using TSE and use the shortcut in the menu
  4. What is your installation configuration Primary server and secondaries ? If so ensure to proceed the installation from the primary and not through the web server. This should solve your issue
  5. Hi If you could use data partition you could use type='I' in it, no? Should be an update data partition.
  6. Hi Thanks for the solution, really helpful. Worked fine for me Best regards
  7. Up for this (old) topic. I'ld like to know if any of you found a solution for such an issue. R11.2.... but even if in R12.6 I'm interested in the solution you did. Except creating my own notification method and scripting with perl/blat... Thanks for your advices Yves
  8. Hello Lost in NY Here is the spell code you need // Ticket can only be closed by a member of the assigned Group cr::zcheck_closer(...) { logf(SIGNIFICANT, "DEBUT - cr::zcheck_closer()" ); uuid someuser; string where_clause, zmsg; send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "cnt", "current_user_id"); someuser = msg[0]; if (!is_null(group)) { where_clause = format("group = U'%s' and member = U'%s'", group, someuser); send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "grpmem", "sync_fetch", "RLIST_STATIC",where_clause, -1, 0); if ( msg[1] == 0 ) { zmsg=format("This ticket can only be closed by a member of the assigned Group %s.", group.last_name); logf(SIGNIFICANT,"This ticket can only be closed by a member of the assigned Group %s.", group.last_name); set_error(1); set_return_data(zmsg); return; } } logf(SIGNIFICANT,"FIN Normale - cr::zcheck_closer()"); } Have fun and lucky you Black Eyed Peas in concert tomorrow in Central Park X069509
  9. Hello If you want to display a value in the htmpl page use this alert($args.my_data); Regards Yves
  10. Hello Molina It is quite normal not to work See below the definition of the sfDropdown macro " #args hdr // The text of the header. Required. attr // The name of the attribute. Required. op = "" // Opcode factory = $args.FACTORY_&{attr} colspan = 1 // The number of columns on the form default = "" // Default REL_ATTR selected in the drop-down list " Unfortunately there is no wherecaluse available in this macro. This solution would be to rewrite the macro... I've never done that but there is no reason why it would not work. If you rewrite it in your site mods folder it should work. Doesn't seem to be a hard job. Go ahead and let us know if this was the solution x069509
  11. Hi, Not in the schema. Gityerfix told you add it to 'form' directly. The schema is common, the forms are independant. Rgds
  12. Like Mitu Fresh install detach db, attach db. Copy the site mods folder rerun the config and reinstall all the options and all is fine.
  13. Hi Notepad ++ very stable user friendly For the diff when I need it for synchronizing the secondary and the primary Winmerge. Freeware is great
  14. Create a new field for internal use, not display. Copy the uuid of the group that closes the ticket and when doing so and when the ticket is reopened change the group to the value stored in your new field.
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