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  1. Hi, my SDM is on R17.0. We have a requirement to bulk delete records from a custom tabel which is related to change table. i had planned to give a check box to user on list page where in he can select the records to be deleted and then click on delete button to delete all those in one go using spell. can anyone how we can do or if we have any better approch.
  2. Hi we are on 12.9 and wanted to add a button on a form that will open another cutom added form e.g;- on detail_in.htmpl we have a tab called xxxx.htmpl i wanted to add button on xxxx.htmpl form that will call my another custom added form z_detail_called.htmpl
  3. Its a business requirement not to restrict user for moving back to Open status when transfering ticket to another group
  4. Hi, We have a requirement wherein we need to create a response SLA fpr P1 ticket and when ticket is first acknowledge SLA has to stop. i had craeted event macro and SLA and attached it to P1 ticket, but probelm is if user acknowledge ticket and he then transfer it to othet group with open status clock runs again and SLA gets breached if second group does not change status to Acknowledge. Ideally it should not happen as first group has acknowledge it within SLA. i tried modifiying condition macro to check status_prev condition but its not working as expected. any idea what i can do
  5. I tried to but i got below error. My macro looks like:- TABLE Spell_Macro del description fragment id last_mod_by last_mod_dt lock_object msg_html msg_tmpl_info ob_type persid sym tenant type usr_integer1 usr_integer2 usr_integer3 usr_string2 usr_string3 usr_string4 { "0" ,"Test_1", "send_wait(0, top_object(), \"call_attr\", \"alg\", \"sync_fetch\", \"MLIST_STATIC\", format(\"type='LOG' AND call_req_id='%s'\", persistent_id), -1, 0);\\0012send_wait(0, msg[0], \"dob_by_index\", \"DEFAULT\", (int)(msg[1]-1), (int)(msg[1]-1));\\0012zobj = msg[0];\\0012if (assignee != zobj.analyst){\\0012set_return_data(TRUE);\\0012} else {\\0012 set_return_data(FALSE);\\0012}", "401468" ,"" ,"" ,"0" ,"" ,"" ,"cr" ,"macro:401468" ,"Test_1" ,"" ,"COND", "" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" ,"" } Error message:- sql_agent:mdb:dbload-#1648: 07/18 12:25:13.32 sdeuaps155 spelsrvr 6000 ERROR interp.c 574 __eval__ Code error at line 3 at "if" (syntax error) 07/18 12:25:13.32 sdeuaps155 spelsrvr 6000 ERROR macro.spl 538 __eval__ Code error at line 3 at "if" (syntax error) 07/18 12:25:13.34 sdeuaps155 spelsrvr 6000 ERROR ntfr.spl 280 macro::get_notify_rules() error in cond macro execute for att_ntfrlist.1.persistent_id: __eval__ Code error at line 3 at "if" (syntax error) 07/18 12:25:21.68 sdeuaps155 slump_nxd 5504 SIGNIFICANT server.c 4299 SLUMP: Up Time(5 day 1 hr 7 min 30 sec) Sent (141749583) Received (211986899) Ports in Use (72) Processes (76) Fast Channel (19)
  6. I tried to create condition but I am getting error message. I cannot have below mention condition in Macro. send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "alg", "sync_fetch", "MLIST_STATIC", format("type='LOG' AND call_req_id='%s'", persistent_id), -1, 0); send_wait(0, msg[0], "dob_by_index", "DEFAULT", (int)(msg[1]-1), (int)(msg[1]-1)); when I try to load I am getting an error message.
  7. Thank you for your reply. Create site-Defined condition manually means not from UI ? do we need to create site defined condition by load condition in Sell_Macro table ?
  8. I have a requirement where in i need to send notification to assignee of the incident ticket, if the comment is logged by a user who is not an assignee of that ticket. i need to achieve this using macros and not spell action is it possible if yes how? Assignee is at cr object and log description is at alg object how to validate it
  9. Hi, I have similar Requirement, Can you please let me know if the above requirement was achieved using Macro or spell code and how
  10. Hi, I have an requirement to have attachment on Change workflow task. 1. I had created table that has srel field to attachment & WF table. 2. Then i created .maj files with respective details. 3. I had attach document button on WF task problem is when i click on attach button & try to upload document Attaching document dialog box does not go away It keeps saying attaching document & nothing happens but in back end document gets attach workflow task I am on 12.5 Can you tell me what steps i am missing & how to dispaly the attach document in
  11. Thank you all this issue is now resolved. I modified menubar_sd.htmpl form to add my condition & it started working fine.
  12. Strange issue its not working in my environment. Let me check with some other role menu bar.
  13. NOt Menubar i guess its detail_chg.htmpl. Because same menubar works for detail_in, detail_cr, detail_pr. PFA both the HTMPL files detail_Chg & Menubar_sd_l2_change Analyst. menubar_sd_l2_analyst.htmpl detail_chg.htmpl
  14. So i guess its an issue with version 12.5, It's not working here. So i guess its an issue with version 12.5, It's not working here.
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