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  1. u can use also INSERT for event for RO, it's a type of activity. you can check other optiosn on on DB select code from act_type where del=0
  2. have you tried "quick profile" menu?
  3. Dear experts,I have a question; I have a 17.1 ca service desk manager environment.I have dome some customization on pcat object (Prob Category) and have a custom attribute. On some form groups, I'd like to show the category tree with this new added custom attribute instead of COMMON_NAME, "sym". 1) For most of the form groups, I'd like to see the category tree view with default attribute "sym", which is coded as common_name in hiersel_pcat_in.htmpl. 2) For some form groups, I'd like to show "zcustom_name" attribute of pcat object. It does not work, when I only change the hiersel_pcat_in.htmpl file. Most probably there is another javscript which runs onload and creates the tree view with default attribute "sym". I'd like to find and modify it. I've changed hiersel_pcat* files but it still shows "sym" attribute on load. How can I modify it?Best RegardsUtku
  4. By the way, I'm asking if it is possible without editing of detail_KD.js file.
  5. Hi everyone, I try to create a custom approval template instead of default template for Knowledge documents. The main difference should be the ability of forwarding and rejection to a custom action (I mean not the next one for forwarding and also not just the previous one for rejection) . I tried to customize the kd_action_forward and kd_action_reject htmpl files. Despite it seems fine by display of HTMPL, after submitting to "OK" I cannot assign the requested task. By default, the next task for forward and the previous task for rejection has been set. How can I create some flow like that or how can I assign to a specific action task? Best Regards, Utku
  6. that additional whereclause does not apply even if I write only type=\'LOG\' or type!=\'LOG\' Does it for you?
  7. Is there any other method for using additional search arguments by default=
  8. that argument does not work even if I write only type!=\'LOG\' as condition document.writeln("<input type=hidden id=ADDL_WHERE_HARDCODE NAME=ADDL_WHERE_HARDCODE VALUE='type != \'LOG\' AND analyst != U\'1234567\''>");
  9. Hi Timur, first option does not work, if I try it doesn't list any LOG and System_AHD_Generated user activity. I just want to list activities besides log activities of System_AHD_Generated. I tried to use a custom HTMPL but couldn't find where to filter listed activities. Where should I write a restriction like <PDM_IF list.type != "LOG" AND list.analyst!=U'1232231321312'> .. .. .. </PDM_IF>
  10. I got the syntax now but couldn't achieve what i want. I just want to have a factory from alg object which does not list log activities of a specific user. any other activity of that user and all activities of other users should be listed I tried below but doesn't work OBJECT alg PDM { FACTORY z_alg { RESTRICT "type!='LOG' AND analyst!=U'793ED69B4E87A545BD8E911834D829FC'" { type = 'LOG', analyst!=U'793ED69B4E87A545BD8E911834D829FC'} ; STANDARD_LISTS { SORT_BY "id DESC"; MLIST OFF ; RLIST OFF ; }; FUNCTION_GROUP "call_mgr" ; } ; } ;
  11. I used to use it in 12.5 for nr object and it war working let me try it
  12. Hi I jave a 14.1 system, I want to create a factory with given definition below but where clause does not work. Even if the clause is just id=1, it brings me all the results. What is missing here? What am i doing wrong? OBJECT alg PDM { FACTORY z_alg { STANDARD_LISTS { SORT_BY "id DESC"; WHERE "id=1" ; MLIST OFF ; RLIST OFF ; }; FUNCTION_GROUP "call_mgr" ; } ; } ;
  13. please check usp_target_time table select * from usp_target_time
  14. do you mean service target templates or targets which are related to a ticket?
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