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  1. Dear Thiago, I really don't remember what the issue was, but I haven't done anything about it. Sorry for that.
  2. I'm not sure it's possible. You can create workshift for 5x8 and run your SLA for 5x8 But to force start SLA for the next day, is not something doable with only Service Type definition
  3. as far as I know it's not supported and possible in 14.1
  4. Dear experts, I try to make some customization for attachment to a custom object. I have CA SDM 17.1 I tried to make it like customization made for nr on SDM 12.5. But it doesn't work. I created a lrel object and maj file. Please find below. I couldn't solve the issue, what might be missing here? Factory zcustomatt id INTEGER producer_id LOCAL STRING(20) persistent_id LOCAL STRING(60) att SREL -> attmnt.id REQUIRED obj SREL -> zcustomobj.id REQUIRED last_mod_dt DATE last_mod_by SREL -> cnt.id OBJECT zcustomobj { ATTRIBUTES zcustomobj { attachments BREL zcustomatt zcustomobj{ LREL attmnt; }; }; }; OBJECT attmnt { ATTRIBUTES Attachment { objs BREL zcustomatt attmnt { LREL zcustomobj; }; }; }; BR Utku
  5. Hi @cdtj. Hope everything is fine. It's been a while since our last conversation Thanks a lot. It worked on my scenario. BR Utku
  6. Dear Experts,I have create a custom form htmpl for a custom obhect. From that object, I create cr and in with a button something like below, let's assume XXXX,YYYY and ZZZZ are the attributes of custom object.<PDM_MACRO name=button caption="Create Request" func="create_new('cr',0,0,0, 'PRESET=type:R','INITFROM=frm002', 'PRESET_REL=customer:cnt.id:email_address:$args.XXXX', 'PRESET_REL=requested_by:cnt.id:email_address:$args.YYYY', 'PRESET=summary:$args.ZZZZ')" hotkey_name="Create Request" id=ITIL_REQUEST> I can successfully create the request ticket with this button, but when I close the ticket page, form of custom object is not going to reload / refresh (like after status change on a cr or in page).How can I force to refresh the custom form, after creating a ticket via this button?BRUtku
  7. u can use also INSERT for event for RO, it's a type of activity. you can check other optiosn on on DB select code from act_type where del=0
  8. have you tried "quick profile" menu?
  9. Dear experts,I have a question; I have a 17.1 ca service desk manager environment.I have dome some customization on pcat object (Prob Category) and have a custom attribute. On some form groups, I'd like to show the category tree with this new added custom attribute instead of COMMON_NAME, "sym". 1) For most of the form groups, I'd like to see the category tree view with default attribute "sym", which is coded as common_name in hiersel_pcat_in.htmpl. 2) For some form groups, I'd like to show "zcustom_name" attribute of pcat object. It does not work, when I only change the hiersel_pcat_in.htmpl file. Most probably there is another javscript which runs onload and creates the tree view with default attribute "sym". I'd like to find and modify it. I've changed hiersel_pcat* files but it still shows "sym" attribute on load. How can I modify it?Best RegardsUtku
  10. By the way, I'm asking if it is possible without editing of detail_KD.js file.
  11. Hi everyone, I try to create a custom approval template instead of default template for Knowledge documents. The main difference should be the ability of forwarding and rejection to a custom action (I mean not the next one for forwarding and also not just the previous one for rejection) . I tried to customize the kd_action_forward and kd_action_reject htmpl files. Despite it seems fine by display of HTMPL, after submitting to "OK" I cannot assign the requested task. By default, the next task for forward and the previous task for rejection has been set. How can I create some flow like that or how can I assign to a specific action task? Best Regards, Utku
  12. that additional whereclause does not apply even if I write only type=\'LOG\' or type!=\'LOG\' Does it for you?
  13. Is there any other method for using additional search arguments by default=
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