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  1. What I did to accomplish this is to create a Incident Type field. The entry point is a button on a certain Incident Type will allow for other Incident Types to be created using a PRESET function, which will also set the parent field to the Incident which the button was clicked on. I then do if statements around the Incident Type. How I display them is to duplicate the in_relreq_tab.htmpl and put a whereclause on the list which identifies the Incident Type.
  2. What I do to accomplish this is with javascript. I pass a value from the menubar: upd_specific_frame('sd', 'SEARCH', 'FACTORY=in', 'QBE.EQ.zcustomfield=400010') It passes the value as list_in variable argSearchWhereClause On the list form, I declare 2 variables, one of which is a Regular Expression, the other takes the passed variable and tests for true or false. var pattern = new RegExp(/(The Expression)/); var truefalse = pattern.test(argSearchWhereClause); Then I do an if statement if(truefalse == true){ <PDM_MACRO name=lsStart> ... }
  3. So I was trying to get the Search menu item to default a search parm, and you've done it. You are awesome and excellent. I used this in the function that I created when I inserted a new item via Menu Designer. I set a label and then published. upd_specific_frame('sd', 'SEARCH', 'FACTORY=cr', 'QBE.EQ.zfield=400015') Makes sense given the PRESET is for new objects only. Thank you so much for your help.
  4. Wow, great thought! I hadn't considered that before. Tried out the following and still isn't setting zfield with the value. upd_specific_frame('sd','list_in.htmpl','QBE.EQ.zfield=400015') upd_specific_frame('sd','search_in.htmpl','QBE.EQ.zfield=400015') I have to step away from this for the day, hoping my subconscious will have a breakthrough.
  5. The difference in buttons vs menu is that with the buttons I am creating new records with a preset value, with the menu I am trying to search in context of that preset field on an Incident. The button code that works - presets the Parent value as well as the zfield value: CODE <PDM_MACRO name=button Caption="Create Type O Record[!eaO]" Func="create_new('cr',0,0,0, 'PRESET=type:I', 'PRESET=parent:$args.persistent_id', 'PRESET=zfield:400015','INITFROM=frm002');" hotkey_name="Create Incident[!eaO]" ID=ITIL_INCIDENT> The menu codes that don't preset a value: CODE upd_specific_frame('sd','search_in.htmpl','PRESET=additional_where=zfiled:400015') upd_specific_frame('sd','search_in.htmpl','PRESET=zfiled:400015') upd_specific_frame('sd','list_in.htmpl','PRESET=additional_where=zfiled:400015') upd_specific_frame('sd','list_in.htmpl','PRESET=zfiled:400015')
  6. Split presets work in button form, but am still struggling with PRESETs from a menubar as it relates to presetting a list_* form or a detail_* form value.
  7. I have a similar requirement and have been unable to have an IF statement around the Additional Search Arguments that I pass from the Search menu preset. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  8. In 14.1, I am trying to PRESET a value. This sets the value: http://my_server/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=CREAT...T=zfield:400010 But when I put it into the menubar it doesn't work: ahdtop.create_new('cr',0,'','','PRESET=type:I@@zfield:400010') Thanks for any help on how this would work.
  9. I would like to use list_in to display only one type at a time. Is there a way to conditionally display lsCol's on the list_in form based on a current attribute? I have Incident attribute type for Type 1 and Type 2. Could someone nudge me in the right direction?
  10. Thanks Mitu, we have an LREL in another environment, but the screen to add to it looks like the Update Members in a group. We will base the tab on the CI tab in change. This might be the piece that gets us over the roadbump. Thanks again for the suggestion (glad it's not SPEL), I will perform the work and report back.
  11. Greetings. I have a requirement and am unsure how to approach it. On an Incident, the customer wants to have a "root causes" input. However, this root causes input must present it's own input screen and ultimately be able to have a list form as a tab to show each time this screen is filled in and saved (can be multiple root causes - which we have challenged and they do have a business reason). If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be immensely helpful. Any insight is appreciated. Unfortunately the search terms I have used looking for information haven't yielded any actionable results. Should function similarly to Activities>Solution in Problem (could be create new button as well), without any relation to KD, except ideally would be able to edit/remove the entries. Alternately, after some discussion, it might work if we could allow editing/deletion of Solution records. We could repurpose that tab. But that tab just seems so tied to KDs not sure if it's worth it.
  12. Thanks Mitu. Had to close the quotes on args.category.sym, but it works. Not really sure what I was missing before, as I thought I had tried this format. <PDM_IF "$args.category.sym" == "MY_CATEGORY_NAME"> var hdrTitle = "$args.ref_num IF Detail"; <PDM_ELSE> var hdrTitle = "$args.ref_num ELSE Detail"; </PDM_IF>
  13. I would like to change the detail_in hdrTitle depending on the Category value. I realize on new you will need to display something, but can you leverage the category to conditionally change the hdrTitle value? I see it (if statement on hdrTitle) has been done in list_cnt but cannot seem to make it happen on detail_in using args.category. Thanks for any insight.
  14. Flawless execution. This is fantastic stuff. I really appreciate the assist here. This is huge for us.
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