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  1. Thanks cdtj. I will give this a try to see how it goes.
  2. Would it be possible to insert & align images between Impact, Urgency and Priority drop down fields, so that the end result should show up as Ugency [+] Impact [=] Priority. With the document.wirteln("<img src=xx.png>"); code, these images shows up just above the detail header section on request detail form. Can someone please point me in the right direction to achieve the desired results?
  3. Thanks cdtj, I will give this a try and let you know how it goes. I was just curious to know, on how this code is going to insert the same OOTB Survey Sent log in the activity log tab, as it is not passing the SURVEY_SENT activity notification code anywhere.
  4. The requirement here is to send out survey based on meeting some conditions for requests only. I believe this is one of the limitations with Surveys, so I had the survey link embedded in close activity notification which works fine. We have a report to quantify the Survey sent and received count, so with the above method the Survey Sent log is not inserted into activity log. Could anyone please guide me on how to insert this specific activity log for requests using Spel code?
  5. Hi cdtj, This requirement changed internally and now this functionality was enforced for specific SD analysts only. I wasn't sure of updating your conditional macro, so I managed to accomplish using spel code which is working at the moment. Thank you!!
  6. Hi cdtj, I have managed using below spel and looks working at the moment. I will try your code using conditional macro and let you know how it goes. Thank You!! cr::z_solution_log( ... ) { if (soln_log.length == 0) { string z_soln_msg; z_soln_msg = format(" Please browse for knowledge and accept knowledge doc as Solution before setting the Status to close"); set_error(1); set_return_data(z_soln_msg); return; } }
  7. It looks feasible using spel by checking the length of solution log attribute and if it equals 0 then restrict the ticket status to closed.
  8. I'm looking for a feasible solution to require Knowledge doc on closure of an incident in Service Desk. Any suggestions from experts?
  9. The problem is with my current customized list form. After applying this code on a clean list form, it worked like a charm. Thank You so much for your help.
  10. Hi cdtj, I'm not sure if your update to previous code was saved, as I'm still running into same problem after reapplying the code from above post.
  11. hi cdtj, I have tried your code and looks like there is a missing syntax in the URL construction, as seen from below screenshot. I have tried appending the missing syntax manually to test the code further but running into other problems, see below screenshot for reference.
  12. Is there a way that when we click on a ticket it just goes straight into “Edit” mode? Is this possible to customize in Service Desk 14.1 cp3??
  13. Would it be possible to enforce KB search through Analyst front end before submitting a request ticket in SDM? If someone had a success in accomplishing such requirement and willing to share this customization solution, would be greatly helpful for us. Thank You!!