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  1. How to attach a Solution to a Template ? When I use a template, I need to enter / type in a Solution each time. How can I attach a solution to a Template so I won't need to enter the Solution each time I use a particular Template ?
  2. How to set the Assignee to the currently logged on user in a template ? I have seen the following: assignee =@cnt.id but how would I use this in assignee =@cnt.id when creating a template so that the Assignee would be set to the person who is logging the ticket ?
  3. From another post, I've discovered that there is a table called grpmem -- just don't know how to use that info to get what I want to know. "Group and member information is in the 'grpmem' table (referencing the 'cnt' table UUID's for both members and groups)."
  4. Missing number same error P.S. I've modified the first post and corrected what I have misstyped: z_eng_grp.last_name.delete_flag=1 <-- incorrect correct = z_eng_grp.delete_flag=1
  5. How to construct a URL to display all Configuration Items (CI) assigned to a group that is inactive ? Missing number is reported by the Service Desk Manager release 12.1 under Windows when launching this URL: CODEhttp://servicedesk/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=nr+SKIPLIST=1+QBE.EQ.z_eng_grp.delete_flag=1 When I search for a Configuration Item and enter 'z_eng_grp.delete_flag=1' as an "Additional Search Arguments", I do get the desired results. I am now attempting to construct the URL, but I am not understaning this syntax at all and my best effort result with the Service Desk reporting "Missing number"
  6. I don't know, but I've noticed that Firefox is being used. I would test to see if this is perhaps specific to the browser and if the same "Page load in progress" happens with the Internet Explorer as well. I would also make sure that the workstation can ping appssvr1test by it's name and that appssvr1test is added to the exceptions in the web browser so that connection to appssvr1test does not go through a proxy.
  7. I've just noticed that before I actually clicked the button Save, the assignee was not being cleared when I've transferred an incident from group A to group B. Once I've clicked the button Save, the assignee became null as expected. I am working with CA SDM r12.1
  8. Is it not possible to ask member_list.id is not null but in reverse ? Or is it possible to ask something like return groups where number of members is less than 1 ?
  9. How can I find tickets logged against a Configuration Item (CI) as well as the tickets logged against that CI's Related Configuration Items in a single search from within CA Service Desk r12.1 ? Search --> Incidents (I would enter a given CI) and what I believe I need (that is if this is even possible) is an Additional Search argument. Configuration Item 1 -- email Configuration Item 2 -- mail_service Configuration Item 3 -- mail_server Configuration Item 4 -- storage_array Configuration Item 5 -- network_switch CMDB's configuration is defined that EMAIL depends on the MAIL_SERVICE, which depends on the SERVER, which depends on the STORAGE_ARRAY and which depends on the NETWORK_SWITCH Supposedly there is an incident number 123 already logged against the STORAGE_ARRAY and supposedly an end user calls in the Helpdesk and asks if there is a problem with email ? I would perform Search for incidents and input "email" in the Configuration Item Field and what do I enter into the field "Additional Search Arguments" under Search --> Incidents to find that incident number 123 that is logged against a CI STORAGE_ARRAY on which CI EMAIL depends on ?
  10. I've only installed CA Service Desk release 12.1 and 12.6 and as far as I know you only have a choice between MS SQL server and the Oracle. To the best of my knowledge there is no built in / embedded database into CA Service Desk so you must store the CA Service Desk data in either the Oracle database or the MS SQL database.
  11. If the assignee is also a member of the destination group, then I believe I've read somewhere that this is why the assignee does not get cleared and the assignee remains as is.
  12. https://servicedesk/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=KD+KEEP.where_clause=INDEXED%20%3E%20-1%20and%20ACTIVE_STATE%20%3E%3D%200 tried above, but CASD returns AHD03053 AHD03053: Bad where clause: Parse error at : "( INDEXED -1 and ACTIVE_STATE = 0 ) AND ( (ACTIVE_STATE >=0 )and (READ_PGROUP in (0,400005,400008,400013,400016,400021) OR (ACTIVE_STATE > 0 AND ASSIGNEE_ID = U'F16EEDE26350E840B4688AAF730ACD79') O..." (parse error) (INDEXED -1 and ACTIVE_STATE = 0
  13. I am hoping to find an Additional Search Arguments that will return groups with no members so that I can use it to find incident, request and/or problems assigned to groups without members.
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