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  1. We wanted to to attach all organization to a single contact. We thought to create a an "All organization" option as part of the dtldropdown field in the cnt_org_tab.htmpl or a dtlcheckbox with the same option. Is this possible?
  2. Hi Mitu, yes we are using the CA Universe and selected the "Time Spent" Object Query. Was just wondering if this query object can be displayed as hours or minutes instead of seconds?
  3. We wanted to display the Time spent on a ticket in minutes or hours, I used PdmSeconds( in.time_spent_sum)/(60) but validation produced erros. How do you convert PdmSeconds into minutes or hours?
  4. Thak you for your Input. I created the SREL and published it in WSP. It worked, the field works now.
  5. We would like to create a drop down field in our detail_cr.htmpl and detail_in.htmpl forms looking up values from a different table called "repmeth". This is the code I entered but did not work: <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDropdown hdr="Reporting Method" attr=repmeth.sym lookup=no> Need help help, thanks.
  6. Derek, Did you get SDM to process the email into CA tickets?
  7. Hi John222, Try using the instructions from the SDU R12 EP1 Page, This bundle includes the child creation button.
  8. I finally got it to work on 12.6 Here's What I did to implement just the Consolidated Request, Incident, & Problem Gobtn Search part of SDU r12 EP1: 1. [From Step:2 Add Scripts Section] Configure zSDU_r12_EP1.mod to show the consolidated R/I/P section. Follow step From Step:2 Add Scripts Section. Then restarted CA Services. 3. In htmpl folder Copy list_zallcrs.htmpl & detail_zallcrs.htmpl into $NX_ROOT\site\mods\www\htmpl\web\analyst folder. 4. Copied usp_web_form.dat into c:\ 5. Run "pdm_load -f c:\usp_web_form.dat -i" 6. Run "pdm_webcache -h" 7. Modified our roles. See Step 10 Modify Roles 8. Test good
  9. Thanks for the Reply. No I haven't. I'll try and let everyone know
  10. Link: http://www.servicedeskusers.com/R12_Go_but...h_Customization We got the customization to work in version 12.5 but version 12.6 is kinda different in the "detail_web_form.htmpl". There was no line code for 'function get_go_sel_arr()'. Has anyone tried this customization in version 12.6? Thanks
  11. How do I Construct the where clause? or modify this one (taken from the "how to show group members" article) whereclause="id.group_list.group IN (U\'76C1E205860D11E09255D8D000B4CD90\')" make_required=yes>
  12. SDU Forum > CA Service Desk Manager > Customization/Modifications > how to show group members in dropdown
  13. I viewed the forum article on how to show group members in dropdown, is there a way to show just the Managers of the groups in a dropdown?
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