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  1. We want to allow users to use templates when creating a change ticket off of an I/R/P ticket. Current functionality doesn’t allow the use of templates for this operation. When this is overridden, a user can create a change ticket from a template during this operation but it doesn’t link to the I/R/P ticket nor does it refresh back to the initiating I/R/P ticket like it currently does when templates are not used. It appears I/R/P tickets use an operation called NEW_CHANGE that routes the user to the change form, allows them to fill out the ticket and, upon successful save, routes back to the calling I/R/P with the link displayed under that ticket’s Change field. However, I can’t find any documentation on this NEW_CHANGE operation. There doesn’t appear to be too many differences in the rendered HTML when comparing a change ticket generated directly from the I/R/P and one generated from a template. We can imitate the current functionality as the NEW_CHANGE operation using custom JavaScript and window pop-ups but it’s not very elegant and is unreliable. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  2. This code sets the default type to standard when using a template but you have to click search again to actually filter for "satndard" and also have the possibility of changing type to something else (which i's like to remove). <PDM_IF "$args.use_template" == "1"> <PDM_MACRO name=sfDropdown hdr="Type" attr="chgtype" default="Standard" Noempty=yes> <PDM_ELSE> <PDM_MACRO name=sfDropdown hdr="Type" attr="chgtype" > </PDM_IF>
  3. We are tying to set the default menu link of "Create New Change from Template..." to not only just display “Template Active=Yes” and “Template=Yes” but to also only return "Type=Standard" Thinking this could be done simply with an else statement (to only apply when launching a template) but haven't found the right combination... any ideas? <PDM_IF "$args.use_template" == "1"> [Wish to filter results for Type=”Standard” and just like “TemplateActive=Yes” and “Template=Yes” work] <PDM_ELSE> <PDM_MACRO name=sfDropdown hdr="Type" attr=chgtype factory=chgtype> </PDM_IF>
  4. Is anyone familiar with the necessary joins and objects to create a simple report listing all relationships in the CMDB (that one could later filter on)? It would be the same as the list of relationships from the CA CMDB section on the Administration Tab in Service Desk that lists the Provider CI to Dependent CI relationships. Thanks!
  5. Trying to create a report in Webi that lists duplicate values for particular records (such as duplicate Serial Numbers or Asset Numbers for Configuration Items) and it has been suggested that i need to do a self join to accomplish this. Has anyone done this in Webi (3.2) using the CA Service Desk (12.5) out-of-the-box universe? Would this be done by selecting "custom SQL" in the Edit Query view? Thanks!
  6. "Days Open" is built in to the CA Service Desk Universe and applies to requests that are still open and creating the report in webi using this universe allowed me to create a measurement variable for Average Days open.
  7. IE9 beta had a lot of problems rendering forms after they saved. Now we receive some errors after initially upgrading to IE9 with the most common being a bank page after login, but with a restart; IE9 has not been a problem with SDM 12.5 the last 2 months for several users. BOXI has plenty of other apparent browser bugs.... menus collapsing to the left, not saving, and timing out immediately. We are upgrading to CA BI 3.2 (from 3.1) in an effort to resolve these issues.
  8. the out-of the-box CA Service Desk universe includes objects like "Avg Days Open" - avg(@Select(Request Measures\Duration Open to Close in Seconds)/86400 - but this is calculated based on the subtraction of open and closed dates in "Duration Open to Close in Days" - (cr.close_date - cr.open_date)/(24*3600) If one wished to measure the number of days that an active request has been open; a value for "today" should be able to be inserted in place of "cr.close_date" and the above calculations used. This may be referred to as "aging." Has anyone had to deal with this yet? SDM 12.5 CP#1 BOXI 3.2 Thanks!
  9. Blocked access to status in request by editing the Request_status_change.html form instead. <PDM_IF "$args.type" == "I"> <PDM_IF "$cst.access_type.sym" == "accesstype1" || "$cst.access_type.sym" == "accesstype2" || "$cst.access_type.sym" == "Administrator"> <PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlDropdown hdr="New Status" attr="status" lookup=no link=no factory=crs_in evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\""> <PDM_ELSE> <PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlDropdown hdr="New Status" attr="status" lookup=no link=no factory=crs_in whereclause="id !=5201" evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\""> </PDM_IF> Thanks J.W.!
  10. I am looking to hide the status "Closed" for some but not all data partitions and for incidents and not requests or problems. Setting a constraint on the Cr_Status table to view where id!=5201 (default value) hides it for the particular data partition but since the Cr_Status table is "shared" by I\R\P, the closed status is hidden for requests. Is there a way of incorporating a condition (such as if type=Incident then apply the constraint)? Or could this problem be solved by other means? Thanks!
  11. Looking for guidance on syntax "status is not equal to closed" for the following addition to spl and accompanying mod file to attach event in activity log. What I have in there now is from anther customization whose requirements are "status is equal to closed." // Attach the event if the Requests status is not "Closed". if (status == "CL") { etc.. and mod file //Add attach event for AEU notification MODIFY cr { POST_VALIDATE z_Initial_AEU_Notification() 150 FILTER status { -> 'CL' };}; Thanks!
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