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  1. Ah, in r11, the r6.0 ws was having different name, thanks for info that the thing I was about to use is outdated stuff Ok, now when it's clear, let try that impersonate stuff. For now it throws me empty soap exceptions, but I guess it's not the subject of that topic (well first let's see what I can find out on my own anyway). Thanks
  2. Well, yes, it is available in USD_R11_WebService wsdl, but is not in WebServiceSoap wsdl, which I assumed could be the one for 12.5. I guess if the functionality is the same between r11 and r12, then I could go with USD_R11_WebService.
  3. Hello, In R11 web service, there was a method impersonate, that allowed logged user to impersonate other user (considering the grant level was appropriate). However, I seem to be unable to find it in 12.5, nor I can find something in documentation. Do you know anything about it? If it's not available, how to impersonate in 12.5 then?
  4. Yeah, the checkin/checkout process is somewhat unclear to me. In my case, this object is referencing cr, right? OBJECT cr { ATTRIBUTES Call_Req { site_svc SREL zsvc { ON_POST_VAL site_set_sla( ) 80; }; ... And the code I've posted above was just test that I wanted to perform to help me understand few things. The real situation is that I want to add attached_sla object during execution of that trigger: void cr.site_svc::site_set_sla(...) { string method; method = "cr.site_svc::site_set_sla"; object gl; send_wait(0, top_object(), "get_co_group"); gl = msg[0]; logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s: Adding attached_sla", method); send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "attached_sla","get_new_dob",NULL, NULL, gl); if(msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "%s: get_new_dob error '%s' \n", method, msg[0]); return; } object new_sla; new_sla = msg[0]; if(is_empty(new_sla)) { logf(ERROR, "%s: new_sla empty\n", method); return; } /*send_wait(0, gl, "checkout", new_sla); if (msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "%s: cannot checkout new_sla: %s", method, msg[0]); return; } logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s: checkout ok", method);*/ new_sla.ticket_id = id; new_sla.ticket_type = "cr"; new_sla.map_sdsc = "sdsc:400207"; /*send_wait(0, gl, "checkin"); if (msg_error()) { logf(ERROR, "%s: checkin error '%s'\n", method, msg[0]); send_wait(0, gl, "uncheck"); return; }*/ } As you can see I was experimenting with checkout/checkin, hence the commented-out sections. So far I haven't been able to sucesfuly attach sla with that script, while command-line version worked...
  5. Hello, I've got following script that I run via bop_cmd with argv[0] that is the ticket id. This simulates it being called from servicedesk as script attached to cr object: void test(...) { int id; id = (int)argv[0]; send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "cr", "dob_by_id", 0, id, NULL, NULL); if(msg_error()) { printf("dob_by_id error: %s", msg[0]); return; } object cr; cr = msg[0]; object gl; send_wait(0, top_object(), "get_co_group"); gl = msg[0]; send_wait(0, gl, "checkout", cr); if(msg_error()) { { printf("checkout error: %s", msg[0]); return; } printf("act"); cr.summary = argv[1]; send_wait(0, gl, "checkin"); if (msg_error()) { logf(SIGNIFICANT, "%s: checkin error '%s'\n", method, msg[0]); send_wait(0, gl, "uncheck"); return; } } However, it does not work when called from SD. It's defined as: void cr.site_svc::site_set_sla(...) {...} It's attached to site_svc, because that script is part of the test for another problem (http://www.servicedeskusers.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=7475) - the script is called when the external service type is changed for the cr object. The body is almost the same, with exception that it does not fetch the id from argv[0] (it's there as part of the cr object it's called upon). The problem seems to be with: send_wait(0, gl, "checkout", cr); The error response is "NO".
  6. Aye, thanks. It's being automatically updated when the model field is updated. Which is nice, though I wonder why it does not allow to update manufacturer directly on asset. I'd mark topic as 'partially solved' then
  7. Hello, We're populating the CIs from csv file that is being transformed to XML and then loaded by GRLoader. The problem I've stumbled upon is that grloader does not update the manufacturer field, which in XML is described in following way: <manufacturer lookup="" update_if_null="">HP</manufacturer> Of course manufacturer is SREL to ca_company table, which contains needed record with company_name = 'HP'. Other similar lookup fields are being read properly (for example location). Am I missing some particular setting? From what I've checked in Schema Designer, everything is set properly (just like in case of the location field - only difference being Function Group). The problem is that GRLoader seems to be completely disregarding that field, not even trying to look it up, nor to set the value - in other words, no matter what I enter there, there is no error being produced at all.
  8. Thanks a lot! This seems to work, but only with javascript code, ie: alert('$args.affected_resource.assoc_tel_othx.0.zfolder_logow'); Still, doesn't work as attribute, which is what I'd like to go for... //EDIT: Ok, with this simple JavaScript I'm able to reproduce default readonly textbox behavior without much hassle: detailRowHdr(hdrtext, colspan, required); detailSetReadonlyRowData('$args....', colspan); So it's not that bad after all. Thanks a lot.
  9. Hello, I'm trying to add some more info to incident form. So far I'm able to easily reference attributes like: attr=affected_resource.location.address1 and I get the info I need. However, I also wanted add some data that is specific to particular resource type (knowing that it is of that type): attr=affected_resource.assoc_tel_othx.zfolder_logow ...and it displays nothing. I guess I've got something wrong about the relation between nr object, and the tel_othx object. How can I refer the properties from those objects referenced by 'assoc_*' fields properties?
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