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  1. We are running CA SDM 14.2. When an assignee closes a call they enter a text string saying what the resolution was. I need to run a report in Business Objects to pull a report of incidents and that resolution. with the help of a sql query I found the text I was looking for in act_log The question is where in BusObj would I find this?
  2. Some time in the past a report was scheduled to be emailed to someone weekly and is still running Where can I find a list of active scheduled reports?
  3. Hi all I have a question about Configuration Item / Location best practice. Our organisation is a University. We have numerous buildings and in the buildings we have lecture venues. Lecture venues have AV Equipment and PC's, which are CI's on their own. We want to be able to report on calls per lecture venue. As I see it there are 2 ways to do this: 1) Create a CI for each lecture venue. The CI would have class/family "Lecture venue" and then would be assigned to a specific location eg Building A or 2) Have a separate location for each venue eg A Building Venue 1 I am leaning towards using the CI for this but I would like to get a sense if there is a best practice for this
  4. I am trying to draw up a report with contact name and last logon date. The date is visible in the log on the contact record in CA (14.6) but when I look through the available fields under contact in the universe I don't see anything for last login. Is this maybe in another table somewhere or alternatively is there a simple way to extract this? Thanks, any help is appreciated
  5. Hi Palko The Macro code is as follows if (status != "RE") {set_return_data(TRUE);} else {set_return_data(FALSE);} This Macro is used by the event priority 3 cr resolution violation The config information for this is Delay Time Repeat Delay Time Allow time resetting 24:00:00 00:00:00 Yes Work Shift On Done Event Flag Regular Save History Condition Req. Status <> Resolved Text and the action information Set SLA Violation for Actions on True Macro Set SLA Violation for Actions on False Macro No No Actions on True Macro List Add Activity Log - SLA Expired Notify Assignee Notify Group Notify Group Manager Set SLA Violation = Violated Where would I change the flag as you suggested?
  6. We are using SDM 14.6 and I am experiencing problems with notifications being generated by Macros even after the call has been resolved. I have assigned Severity Type 3 to calls assigned to Networks. Pretty much out the box, we haven't changed anything. A new request was created on 7/7 and sat open for a while until an agent changed it first to In Progress then resolved it. But even after Resolving it, emails were being sent informing the assigned that Req Status <>WIP From Log: Initial Solani, Zukiswa 07/07/2016 02:26 pm 00:01:03 Create a new request/incident/problem/change/issue Update Status Naidoo, Ashwin 07/12/2016 11:45 am 00:00:04 Status changed from 'Open' to 'In Progress' Resolved Naidoo, Ashwin 07/12/2016 11:45 am 00:00:14 call to be closed as per email from Aubrey Fortuin From Notification History: 'Req. Status <> Work In Progress' event notify group for request/incident/problem 'REQ520830' 07/12/2016 01:27 pm What do I need to change to stop these notifications? (Besides turning off notifications for the macro) Thanks in advance
  7. In SD, there are a number of severity levels, including 2-Supervisor Escal 3-Mgr Escal I know how to make someone the manager (by adding them to the group and checking the manager check box) but is there anyway to specify a supervisor?
  8. Hi I need some advice on Locations in 11.2 I have read the Organisation - Location - Site part of the Admin guide. I work on a campus with multiple buildings. Site has only one value - the name of our organisation Location(s) are the various departments on Campus eg Finance who are typically all in one building Organisation(s) are departments that typically get calls assigned to them We are looking for a way to add detail to locations - such as floor number/room number - for an individual contact, to make it easier for our technicians to find the users. Currently it looks like the only way to do this would be to add those details to the Remarks field Can anyone advise on what they do? Or what the best practice would be? Thanks
  9. Hi Is it possible to setup a request template that kicks off multiple sub tasks? So when a request is saved the sub tasks get assigned while keeping one request number in R11.2? Thanks
  10. Notifications when we transfer an incident or request are not going out. I have checked Transfer activity Notification detail and Auto Notification is YES Is there something else I missed that could be stopping the notifications?
  11. r11.2 I am using open date in Call_Req An ex colleague wrote the following statement DATEADD(hh, 2, CAST(DATEADD(ss, {call_req.open_date}, '01/01/1970') AS smalldatetime)) But it is giving me errors in crystal 8.5 Any tips on getting this to work?
  12. Hi V11.2 I was editing a scoreboard we use for our technicians. I tried to add a stored query to a folder. I didn't click Finished. Now some of our users cannot see this scoreboard after resetting their tree. I tried customising it again but nothing pops up and IE 8 displays the following error Message: Syntax error Line: 218 Char: 8 Code: 0 URI: http://servicedesk.uwc.ac.za/CAisd/pdmweb....ER_SYM=UWC_Tech Is there anyway I can retrieve this scoreboard?
  13. After adding a contact one of my agents clicked on Edit and got this error - Object not found to checkout Sounds like it wasn't created in the database Is there anywhere I can find a list of these AHD error codes and what they mean?
  14. This seems to work log_agent.userid IN (\'cmadden\') AND type = \'I\' AND active = 1 AND status<>\'RE\'
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