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  1. I'm looking to add ' Show Filter' as a button on a new page the doesn't currently have it (namely the page is the workflow tasks page, when creating new workflows; as I don't have the option to see inactive tasks). Can someone help with where to begin please?
  2. Can you please help me to identify 'Group Name' from within the wftpl table. I had tried linking the group.id to the ca_contact.id but the values do not match up properly. Am I missing an interim table? , or what SQL can I use to achieve the desired output?
  3. Hi; so I finally resolved this via a different approach; appreciate all your assistance but I think our pages were too heavily customised for the proposed process to work correctly at our end. I got it working by adapting the employee; update status page as follows: <PDM_MACRO name=button caption="Approve Request" disabled="defer" func="detailSave()" hotkey_name="Save" id="btn001" width=0> <PDM_MACRO name=button caption="Cancel" disabled="defer" func="detailCancel()" hotkey_name="Cancel" id="btn002" width=0> <PDM_MACRO name=button caption="Clear Remarks" disabled="defer" func="document.main_form.reset()" hotkey_name="Clear Remarks" id="btn003" width=0> <PDM_MACRO name=btnEndRow> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlStart> </script> <input type=hidden name=SET.status value="PRBAPP"> <script language="JavaScript"> add_date_field("alg.time_stamp", "$args.alg.time_stamp_INT_DATE"); <PDM_MACRO name=dtlStartRow> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlReadonly hdr="Current Status" attr=status> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlStartRow> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlTextbox hdr="Please enter reasons for approval" attr=alg.description colspan=3 keeplinks=yes rows=8 size=80 spellchk=yes> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlEndTable> My new custo drives the status changes from the save button action; and I have created 3 of these called from my previous links. The base code behind the update status page seems to include the base code to call the page refresh upon save and thereby solves the problem I was experiencing.
  4. Sorry that is what I meant. I have tried using both popupActivityWithURL & display_new_page on my employee role. I noticed that I was currently using the former, on my latest attempt at getting the employee page working. I have now switched back to display_new_page; its still dropping me back to the request, and not the home page. I've noticed that other 'update status' activities (for example - when the user requests close) forces the status change to update the screen. Is there part of the code that can be 'hijacked' for my button to do the same? I'm not actually sure what part of the page calls the screen refresh, whether it's part of the function itself, or java-script or what part of the actual code calls the page re-fresh.(My colleague here is also stumped, he is a bit more 'webpage savvy' than myself and tried your recommended changes above on our test system, with the same results to what we get on live. )
  5. Thanks once again for the reply; Ok, I have supressed pop-ups and now have it all the frames loading in the same window, however my problem is still present. The code for z_customer_chase is the function I have provided all along from the start - but Alas, this is an error on my part, as I did not include the header line of my function I see... function z_customer_chase(persid,factory,type) { var url=cfgCgi+ "?SID="+cfgSID+ "+FID="+fid_generator()+ ect...
  6. Good morning; So, let me start from the beginning. The user opens up the request via an email link; and is presented with 3 buttons; Approve; Partially Approve and Reject, - all are linked to the (above) function. The code behind each of the 3 buttons is ImgBtnCreate("btnzup", "APPROVE ALL", "z_customer_chase('$args.persistent_id', 'cr','BUS_APP')", "defer", 0) ImgBtnCreate("btnzup1", "APPROVE PARTIALLY", "z_customer_chase('$args.persistent_id', 'cr','BUS_PAPP')", "defer", 0) ImgBtnCreate("btnzup2", "REJECT", "z_customer_chase('$args.persistent_id', 'cr','BUS_REJ')", "defer", 0) Each of these buttons requires a comment from the end user, so when one of these buttons in clicked a new window pops-up stating 'Update Required On Request 123456'. The user is required to enter a comment and click Save. When save is clicked the employee is returned back to the request screen; (not home.htmpl). This wouldn't be an issue, except that on the request screen, the status does not show the latest status change - the status remains the same. The only way the employee has of knowing there action was successful, is to scroll down to the activity log; where the latest activity has been written. If the employee returns to the home page, and then goes back into the request, the status change has occurred. I hope this helps.
  7. Hi again, So I have had a week working on other things; back on this today I have retested the code, again this morning, but even with the above 3 statements added to the pages in the correct positions I am still not getting the desired page refresh action on my employee form. Happy to share files if this helps trouble-shoot things, but I can't help but feel I must be missing something here. I can't understand why my analyst form works, yet my employee one does not As always I appreciate the support
  8. Thank you cdtj I will test this further in the morning, alas I have run out of time today. I am hitting a few snags as I have a customised 'home.htmpl' page, so I am trying to debug where this is failing. I will update with my findings in the morning.
  9. Thanks for your continued perseverance I have attached my file detail_alg.htmpl
  10. Yes, this does drop me back to the detail.cr page after the status update is saved (both from an email link and via Service Desk) but the status field, still doesn't show the update that has just occurred, unless I refresh the screen again (manually). Much appreciate all of your help thus far.
  11. Hi sorry, reading that back it wasn't very clear at all was it and sorry if I am causing you stress. I am using on my employee form the following function { var url=cfgCgi+ "?SID="+cfgSID+ "+FID="+fid_generator()+ "+FACTORY="+factory+ "+PERSID="+persid+ "+OP=UPDATE"+ "+ACTIVITY_LOG_TYPE="+type+ "+HTMPL=detail_alg_edit.htmpl" + "+AUTO_OVERRIDE_LOCK=true"; display_new_page(url, "Status" ); } (I have also tried popupActivityWithURL(url, "status" ); on the bottom line. Both solutions however, are not refreshing the employee page automatically - as in, the status change doesn't show (even though it has happened successfully). On my analyst view I get the expected result - the refresh is happening as desired.
  12. Hi and thanks again for yet another response cdtj you're really making my week So I have tried out a few more employee functions, including using display_new_page(url, "Status" ); I have also tired using popup method (as per my working Analyst interface;) as previously mentioned, I do not have any such pdm_if restriction on my employee function file, (it is coded the same way as my analyst one) But I am still not getting the desired result of a page refresh to display that status change. Is there any other known way to achieve this?
  13. If you could be so kind as to allow me to trouble you again? Whilst this is working perfectly for my analyst interface is there any reason that you know of why my popup window fails to close / refresh status when I invoke the same function from the employee interface?
  14. United Kingdom is where I am based. In sleepy Somerset, (cider country).
  15. YES!!! IT WORKS!!! You sir, are a legend! One day, I hope we cross paths, as I owe you a pint (or chilled beverage of preference!)