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  1. Hi bruno, did you handle this case?
  2. sorry, now I understand. When I try to upload more than one file, it waits, waits, waits forever. and no special log for case.
  3. Hi henning, I am afraid I did not understand. what log do you talk about? I just need add more than one attachment file to a ticket same time.
  4. Dear Henning, thank you very much, it worked beautifully.
  5. hi Henning, I want to make eaiser the usage of servicedesk for analysts. Service Desk checks every ticket for kb document. It will be easier if they see document from list_alg directly.
  6. Hi all, Is it possible to add multiple documents as attachment to a ticket? I use 14,1 and it crashes when I try to upload more than one file. thanks in advance
  7. Hi all I use 14.1 has anyone tried to open KB document from the list_alg directly instead of Knowledge Management tab? If log type is "SOLN", let the link open the kb document when I click on that log. So I do not have to go-> Knowledge managment tab->Solutions. do you think its possible?
  8. Hi all, when I search Knowledge from ticket; it gives an error :[AHD03203:Wrong number of values from db}. and we could not find any solution to this error. when I change the "knowledge base" combo value from "Knowledge" to "Knowledge and Forums", it searches without any problem. How can I set the default value of this combo as "Knowledge and Forums" thanks in advance
  9. hi cdtj I try not-to-remove Enters and my deal is "Edit", not creation. Servicedesk already removes Enters when press "Edit". I try to prevent it.
  10. Hi all I create a ticket starts with ENTER character. when I save and click to EDIT, servicedesk automatically removes the ENTER characters from beginning of the SUMMARY field. (and it adds log file the whole summary as "changed". activity log gets bigger and bigger) how can I stop it to remove these ENTERs from beginnig of summary? I checked detail_in and tried to change some "esc_style=c" to "esc_style=NONE" but no chance. thanks in advance
  11. ok I figured it out. I used this code instead and it worked:: var f = document.main_form; document.main_form.elements["SET.status"].value = "ASSG";
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