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  1. hi cdtj I try not-to-remove Enters and my deal is "Edit", not creation. Servicedesk already removes Enters when press "Edit". I try to prevent it.
  2. Hi all I create a ticket starts with ENTER character. when I save and click to EDIT, servicedesk automatically removes the ENTER characters from beginning of the SUMMARY field. (and it adds log file the whole summary as "changed". activity log gets bigger and bigger) how can I stop it to remove these ENTERs from beginnig of summary? I checked detail_in and tried to change some "esc_style=c" to "esc_style=NONE" but no chance. thanks in advance
  3. ok I figured it out. I used this code instead and it worked:: var f = document.main_form; document.main_form.elements["SET.status"].value = "ASSG";
  4. Hi all, it did not work for me. any suggestions? I use 14.1 and tried both "ahframe" and non-ahdframe codes. stdlog and Internet Explorer says nothing. my code: (I try to have blank status) function zEmpty() { jq("[name=KEY.status]").val(""); }
  5. sdemirayak

    xfer_esc_cr automatic fill

    OK, I've found the problem, it seems I deleted some extra rows when I try something. I used original xfer_esc_cr and it works.
  6. Hi all. I use 14.1 you know, in detail_in; when you type a letter in assignee, it automatically searches and fills (if there is one specialist starts with this letter, it fills assignee automatically. if there are more than one, it allows you to search) the assignee field. bu in "transfer" screen, it does nothing. I added evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\"" to assignee and group fileds, but it does not fills nor searches. can you help me?
  7. sdemirayak

    contact copy

    any ideas?
  8. sdemirayak

    contact copy

    Hi all, when I copy a contact, it copies environment (ca_owned resource/resource_contact field) and grpmem files too. I do not want to copy these attributes. I want that new contact has no environment / groups. how can I achieve this?
  9. sdemirayak


    hi cdtj thank you very much, yes thats the one
  10. sdemirayak


    Hi all I want to know from which tables CA gets the version history of CIs? I see the version_number in ca_owned resource but I see all history in cmdb_versioning_tab. so what table keep this data? I need to track every version changes, because I need to send notify to my configuration librarians when an attribute changes in any CI..
  11. sdemirayak

    update a record

    Dear cdtj, I did not know that this method before, thank you very much. you saved my life..
  12. sdemirayak

    update a record

    Hi all I have custome table named zCI and it has only one record. For every CI creation, I want to update this record. I wrote like this in spl but it does not work. Can someone help me please? string wc; wc = format("id=400208"); object obj; send_wait( 0, top_object(), "call_attr", "zCI", "sync_fetch", "STATIC", wc, -1,0); obj=msg[0]; --- for this line, I got " Math argument type mismatch" error in log file send_wait(0, obj, "call_attr", "z_hepsi", "set_val", hn,"SURE_SET");
  13. Hi all What I want is, getting the maximum own_resource_uuid from nr table and see it on detail_asset.htmpl (create new CI screen) how can I achieve this?
  14. sdemirayak

    SDM Mobile problem

    Hi estli01 thank you for answer. If I change this REST Web Service API Role to administrator, yes they can see ALL tickets. If I change to other levels, they can see nothing. I want them to see their tickets as in their normal scoreboard, not the all tickets. Is there any role for that? I tried others but no luck..