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  1. I would appreciate solution for this one also. I have faced this problem after doing changes to cr via spel-mod. All changes are passed correctly, but when going to edit - mode afterwards, save-button is replaced by Accept-button. No changes can be done when this is happening.
  2. Hi, Have anyone done anything like this before? I will appreciate any hints possible, not necessary the "correct" answer. Debugging spel is quite difficult anyway.
  3. Hi again, So I basically have the SPEL - code and it is doing what it's supposed to when running with bop_cmd (bop_cmd -v -f zupdate_status.spl "zupdate_status('cr:400375')"). My idea is that I would be able to pass Call_Reqs persistent_id for this function via HTMPL - file. My spel - function basically starts with logf(); =================== zupdate_status(...) { string persistent_id; persistent_id = argv[0]; logf(ERROR, "zupdate_status(...) triggered for '%s'", persistent_id); } =================== and when running this with bop_cmd, everything is fine and parameter gets correctly in "persistent_id" variable. But when I try to call this from htmpl- file: ========================= function zupdate_status(){ var query_str = cfgCgi + "?SID=" + cfgSID + "+FID=" + fid_generator() + "+OP=ZSTATUS_UPD+FACTORY=cr" + "+PERSID=" + nx_escape("$args.persistent_id"); SyncAjaxJSCall(query_str); } ========================= Function is starts ok, but parameters are all wrong and function "frozes" the whole session. Stdout says: ========================= 06/13 16:20:18.32 xxxx web:local 7372 ERROR zupdate_status.spl 19 zupdate_status(...) triggered for '16' ========================= Does anyone know how to call this operation in a "correct" way so that I could pass the persistent_id to my function instead of this random number? If I leave out "FACTORY=cr", SDM seems to do nothing, so as it says on op_table.cfg, this is a mandatory parameter. If I try to print out argv[1] on a spel - function, it is always empty... RGDS!
  4. Update: I actually got this working so that function get called and log-row get written in stdlog. Now the problem is that session gets killed after running this. Even though my function does nothing more than logf();
  5. Hi, I am familiar with the "traditional" way of running spel - functions by using .mod -files, if that's what you mean? Although I have a need of triggering spel - function from htmpl-form and op_table.cfg says that you can add your own operations: -------------------------------------- ... # New operation can be added to this file or to a new file, but it's # recommended that the new operation should be added to a new file. The new # file has to have the prefix, "op_", and the extension, ".cfg", and the new # file can be placed under either the directory, NX_ROOT/bopcfg/www or the # directory, NX_ROOT/site/mods/www. # If there are entries with the same operation name, the webengine uses the # entry it reads last and the file reading order for the webengine is: # op_table.cfg under NX_ROOT/bopcfg/www # op_*.cfg under NX_ROOT/bopcfg/www # op_*.cfg under NX_ROOT/site/mods/www ------------------------------------- Rgds!
  6. Hi, I'm trying to create a custom operation which would trigger my own spell - function. No matter what or where I create the custom files, I'll get the same errors when trying to invoke my function: 06/11 16:33:14.57 xxxx web:local 3360 ERROR cpp_method.c 104 Attempt to find C++ method "zupdate_status" prior to CppMethodHolder initialization 06/11 16:33:14.57 xxxx web:local 3360 ERROR interp.c 565 zupdate_status Unknown messge. 06/11 16:33:14.57 xxxx web:local 3360 ERROR session.c 9088 Cancelling session xxxx-205663648:0x46f3fe8 due to interpreter error zupdate_status Unknown messge. zupdate_status Unknown messge. Done so far: created file site/mods/www/op_zupdate_status.cfg --------------------- ZSTATUS_UPD zupdate_status MODIFY UPDATE --------------------- created file /site/mods/majic/zupdate_status.spl --------------------- // // zupdate_status(...) { logf(SIGNIFICANT, "zupdate_status(...) triggered for '%s' ", persistent_id); } --------------------- Restarted and called this operation from the form: ---------------------- ... OP=ZSTATUS_UPD ... etc ---------------------- No matter if I add these lines directly to op_table.cfg and place the spl-file under bopcfg/www, I always get that exact same error. I have also tried to name my spell - function as "::zupdate_status", "cr::zupdate_status". Am I doing some obvious mistake in here? Any help would be highly appreciated. Rgds!
  7. This post may be useless what comes for helping you with this problem, but I just want to let you know that I feel your pain! I have experienced a vast amount of hate, disappointment and frustration towards CA because of UAPM 11.3.4, win2008 R2 64-bit and SQL 2008 combination... The news that 11.3.4 can't be upgraded to 12.6 was a blast! You are propably using "APM 11.3.4 Windows 2008 64-bit - Installationl Instructions.pdf" from RO26555 already, but only way that I got our environment installed was following strictly that document. Cheers!
  8. Thank you very much! My other question then is... surprise surprise ... How to make this just for one form?
  9. Hi, We have a need to increase the amount of CI's displayed on update_lrel_nr.htmpl. It shows 25 CI's on default and I see that "$length" which is used in code below is 25: <PDM_LIST SOURCE=list SORT=$sort START=$start LENGTH=$length ESC_STYLE=c> p.set_left_vals('$list.persistent_id', '<PDM_FMT JUSTIFY=TRUNCATE ESC_STYLE=C WIDTH=80>$list.COMMON_NAME</PDM_FMT>', '<PDM_FMT JUSTIFY=TRUNCATE ESC_STYLE=C WIDTH=80>$list.COMMON_NAME, $list.status.sym, $list.summary</PDM_FMT>'); </PDM_LIST> I can change "LENGTH=$length" to e.x. LENGTH=50 and will get 50 CI's to displayed on that list. Problem is that the code that "cuts" that list to sub-views "1,2,3,next" keeps still showing CI's in sets of 25 after "first view". I don't know how to explain this... , but here's the example when I change "LENGTH=$length" to LENGTH=100: First set (1): - shows CI'f from 1-100 Second set (2): - shows CI's from 26-50 Third set (3): - shows CI's from 51-75 etc... How can I change the sets so that the list of CI's would be divided by e.x. 100 and showed properly? 0-100, 101-200, 201-300, etc. Cheers!
  10. Hi, have you named the file ldap.mod, not ldap.maj? In my understanding it should be .mod when placed to site/mods/majic. But what error does it give and what does the log says when starting services? Regards, JalmariO
  11. Hi, Do you guys know how to add several users at once to SupportBridge? We have to add over a hundred technicians and doing that one by one is a real pain in the a**. Kind Regards, JalmariO
  12. Actually, since I was able to work on testing environment I quickly found it easier to just create a new table instead of trying to change the existing persistent_id. I just added column "persistent_id STRING 30;" and after that wsp did not create its own local version of it. The most disturbing thing was that I do not even have to have any values on that column, it just has to exist...
  13. Do you get any errors on stdlog? It was persistent_id which caused me the headache, it had to be created by me as a string, not the local string which wsp makes as a default. Added to that I took a hiersel / hierload_pcat_in.htmpl as a template and made my own copies. Hierarchy worked just by changing the factory names from both of the forms.
  14. Hi loriel22, My best guess would have been msg_cat, but since you did not find anything from there, then I don't know... R11 is not familiar to me since I've been only working with R12.1 and did not ran into that kind of problem... JalmariO
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