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  1. Have you achieved this? Please share
  2. Hi Experts, I want to create a condition macro to check the description of close activity when the ticket is closed. If the close activity description = "The ticket closed by Oneclick", then I have to set Resolution method= closed by tool Please help on how to create that condition macro on act_log table Regards, Saran
  3. Hi, I have 17.1 SDM When I edit and select a specific group on Incident, the assignee field should become Read-only. Please help me how to achieve this. Thanks.
  4. Hi, How to apply this for only one specific role? Please help -hcl
  5. hcl

    SDM_Login got failed

    Yes estlio. I have configured that correctly. But still it is showing same error -hcl
  6. Hi, SDM 14.1.3 with CA PA 4.3 When i use out-of-box WF Change Management, it gives error in SDM_Login get failed. Please help on this. -hcl
  7. Hi, When the ticket is in edit mode and if the user tries to close the window using "Close Window" option, I need to show a popup to confirm the close as "Are you sure to close the window?" Please help me to achieve this -hcl
  8. Hi, SDM 14.1.2 When i give comments on Update Status activity, it is not saved if the status is not changed. Please help to get this done by spel code Thanks, hcl
  9. Hi, Please understand clearly I want to create Data partition for the below requirement 1. I have a user 'User1' assigned to location='location1' 2. I have a user 'location1' assigned to zRegion='2000' I want: If the User1 logged into SDM, he has to see the tickets only which are having Affected end user's zRegion='2000' Example: User1 is assigned to location =location1 location1 user is assigned to zRegion='2000' location2 user is assigned to zRegion='2000' location3 user is assigned to zRegion='2001' location4 user is assigned to zRegion='2002' If User1 is logged in, he has to see the tickets only which are containing Affected end user's zRegion='2000' (two tickets) Note: * zRegion is on cnt as String type. * location1, location2, location3 users are having contact type as 'Store * User1 is assigned to location=location1 in location table. Please help on this. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi, I want to create a button as "Create announcement" on bin_form_np.htmpl page at right side of Announcements header. Please help on this Thanks
  11. I want to update Log Comment field on Edit In List in list_cr.htmpl page Please help on this Thanks, hcl
  12. Yes. I have done. Please explain you requirement. I will help you on this -Saran
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