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  1. trzaskowski

    Condition Macro question

    Yes, I think I figured this out...I think I post these sometimes to make me think through the problem Attach an event to a service type that is attached to the work flow Event Information Create an event 2 day review work flow warning With condition Workflow task needs updating after 2 days With appropriate delay time repeat delay time if needed. Condition Workflow task needs updating after 2 days Action Information tab, If true, – Macro – Review is not complete in 2 days. Macro Information is Review is not complete in 2 days (Multiple Notification) Objects has assignee’s supervisor which was created in the notification area, object contact notification – which is assignee.supervisor_contact_uuid Attach to Change Order Go to Admin Tab, Service Desk , Service types Find the appropriate service type (the one attached to the workflow you want to have this behavior) Go to the change order tasks, and ‘add service type event’ 2 day warning for work flow not complete I think the only thing I'm missing is I need to base the condition on scheduled date it occurred not the start date of the assigned work flow task
  2. trzaskowski

    Condition Macro question

    I want to create a condition for a workflow task if a work flow task is not completed within 2 days from the start date I want to email the supervisor of the assignee I see a field for actual start date, but how would I add 2 days onto this in a condition? If I get this working I would do the same for 3 days and 4 days...but after 5 days we've "failed" Is this possible to build the escalation into Service Desk based on adding dates to the start date.
  3. This was it... Go to Administration -> Service Desk -> Incident/Request/Problem -> status Go to particular staus and click on the tab "Request Dependent Attribute Control". Click on create new and select the filed under the attribute and check required option. Thanks everyone!
  4. trzaskowski

    Resolved: Maileater problem

    I can't replicate the problem with Outlook Express, it's my Outlook setting. so will mark as resolved as it's not maileater issue
  5. Running SD 12.5 Is it possible to have fields mandatory based on the status of change order? Example: Status of change order is Approved to Develop before it can become a status of "Waiting for Permission to Implement" the Test Plans field must be populated with something.
  6. trzaskowski

    Service Interruption Notifications -

    Sorry for the late reply these are not from Service Desk, as we've learned that not all outages are scheduled when changes occur. example: All servers are patched at 3am, but scheduled restarts of systems are not until 1-2 days later.
  7. trzaskowski

    Resolved: Maileater problem

    Running SD 12.5 and when sending emails to SD for processing / creating change orders/incidents it's appending extra text on the end of the email when the email is sent in plain text from outlook, but if the email is sent in richtext or html from outlook it works fine. also if the email is sent in plain text from another application through programming and no mail client such as outlook it works just fine. Only constants I can come up with are Plain Text and Outlook. Has anyone encountered this? example of email sent %Description=TEST EMAIL: Application Issue %Device=lmca %Customer=Mre2961 %Status=Acknowledged %Assignee= Mre2961 example of what's processed Created via EMAIL interface by trzaskowski.mark@ Originating Message: %Description=TEST EMAIL: Application Issue %Device=lmca %Customer=Mre2961 %Status=Acknowledged %Assignee= Mre2961 ���������^�x����������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� %FROM_EMAIL=trzaskowski.mark@
  8. trzaskowski

    Domain Controller redundancy

    I set the setting you mention / are requesting in admin tab, options mgr, ldap, ldap host but then my ldap_import didn't work correctly afterwards, what I got back from CA was I have researched this. We cannot have multiple active directory servers in the options manager. It has to point to a single directory. check with CA you may get another answer? You never know
  9. The default Visualizer behavior in 12.5 is to show "cause and effect" for a filter, but in 12.1 it was "browse" does anyone know how to change this ? Support said no go, and my level of programming is limited
  10. running 12.5 windows/sql How can you autofill the assignee on/during creation of a change order with the person creating the change order? Well it's one of those days where once I asked the question I'd know the answer... open webscreen painter, open schema manager open the chg table, goto assignee set the value to "USR" for default on new do a file save and publish stop service desk, do pdm_publish at a cmd prompt start service desk
  11. trzaskowski

    Remove priority dropdown in 12.5

    open detail_chg.htmpl in webscreen painter, then put a pdm-if around as shown below <PDM_IF 0> <PDM_MACRO NAME=dtlDropdown hdr="Priority" attr="priority" evt="onBlur=\\\"detailSyncEditForms(this)\\\""> </PDM_IF> file save as publish, clear your service desk cache with pdm_webcache
  12. trzaskowski

    change-ci lrel

    FYI, in 12.5 the new table is no longer lrel but usp_lrel_asset_chgnr no need for any special work with dbo.hex etc... table consists of id, chg, nr, last_mod_dt, last_mod_by, tenant
  13. trzaskowski

    Using Firefox 4 with Service Desk 11.2

    There a thread at CA regarding this, might not be a bad idea to post your opinions out there....right now Firefox 4 won't be supported until 12.6 CA ServiceDesk Community
  14. trzaskowski

    install web_wildcard_search

    the web_wildcard_search option, was something I wasn't aware of until you posted your question. This option is great! Thanks!