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  1. Hi, I need run unlink_kd by web services, but this option isn't to develop the web services, One option is to use callServerMethod, but I don't know how to use this method and which parameters I need for unlink_kd. Anybody can help me?? Regards.
  2. Hi, I need to know if it's possible to run a spel function from a button in the detail_cr.htmpl form (for example). Regards.
  3. I've migrated the CA SDM 12.6 to 14.1. I am currently migrating functionality from web forms, but the functions that use backfill_event my customizations is not working as in version 12.6. Have you had any problems with this event?
  4. Hi, I need when I create the change order child, copy the Cis of the change order parent, but I don't found how to do it. Any idea?
  5. Hi, I'm testing and I have found that the problem only occurs when you create the order and prevailing level of service priority.
  6. Hi, I created a spl code and in the SD 12.1 run fine, but in the 12.6 when try to do the following sentence: send_wait(0, this, "call_attr", "support_lev", "set_val", persidNivelServicio, "SURE_SET"); don't save the change in the support level field and haven't any errors. Any suggestions? Regards.
  7. Hi, You can to see this url: http://www.servicedeskusers.com/forum/inde...p;mode=threaded. this a sso. but if you want to do access with api, for example with Web Services, you can to use a method getbopsid, in the documentatios has more info. Regards. https://supportcontent.ca.com/cadocs/0/CA%2...DM_Impl_ENU.pdf --> page 206 https://supportcontent.ca.com/cadocs/0/CA%2...DM_Impl_ENU.pdf --> page 206 https://supportcontent.ca.com/cadocs/0/CA%2...DM_Impl_ENU.pdf --> page 206
  8. Hi, I need to change some background colors in various fields depending on a value, but I used jQuery brings the CA ServiceDesk but the sign '$' when he takes away our form in the browser. How I can use jQuery? Regards.
  9. yes, it's correct, I was dazed and did not see it, Thanks
  10. Hi, I am creating a spel, for when creating an INIT and TR activity, assign values in some fields. The problem is that the activity (INIT) does not jump the trigger. ************************************************************ OBJECT alg { TRIGGERS { POST_VALIDATE zalg_asig_cr() 130 FILTER( EVENT("INSERT") && ( (type == 'TR') || (type == 'INIT') )); }; }; ************************************************************ ************************************************************ alg::zalg_asig_cr(...){ if (type == 'TR'){ zasignado = call_req_id.assignee; zgrupo =
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