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  1. Hi, I know this is quite old topic, but I've had the same issue and here is the solution (OK, it is not a solution, but a workaround...) For me it was quite simple - try another admin account! - I wasn't able to use GRLoader with ServiceDesk account, but my another custom admin accout worked fine.. I don't have time to find the rootcause, but I'm OK with this workaround. For me the hint was GRLoader log file with many errors regarding missing Function Access Level - I'm pretty sure that ServiceDesk is correctly set up, but sometimes a bit of a black magic is also needed. In my case the problem was only on my production system - my test and development environment were just fine... Hope this can help in the future 5ue
  2. Hi friends, any ideas how to meet my requirements? Thanks, 5ue
  3. Hi, your idea could work only if the ticket was already saved. After saving the ticket you can use extraURL and additional_where containing customer information for your dtlLookup. If you really need to accomplish this during ticket creation, some JavaScript has to be involved.. Nothing is impossible in SDM, but I guess this could be really tricky 5ue
  4. Hi, There is no such OOTB functionality, but you can solve this using a trigger and spell. - trigger should be PRE_VALIDATE and triggered on status -> CL. - spell code should find all tickets with current change attached and with status different from CL/CNCL. If there is any such ticket, the spell code will return with error message. Regards, 5ue
  5. Hi, you can use Data Partition type Defaults for Call_Req table - using this you can automatically set default Root Cause. Regards, 5ue
  6. I've looked at your spell code and at least some parenthesis are missing. Also chceck stdlog files. try to use if(debug_flag==1) { logf(SIGNIFICANT,method + " ******* Inside of Function ******"); } instead of if(debug_flag==1) logf(SIGNIFICANT,method + " ******* Inside of Function ******"); Or simply delete these rows - I don't think it makes any sense at all.. It also seems that close parenthesis for the whole function is missing.. For these types of simple conditions is better using status transition conditions as mentioned in previous post.. Regards, 5ue
  7. Hello, take a look at status transition conditions - it could be better solution for you. Regards, 5ue
  8. Hi, your trigger is triggered on CI insert and on priority change which can't be in the same time.. Setting new priority is something else than priority change. Remove priority{} from your trigger. Regards, 5ue
  9. Hi, this is not possible using SDM functionality... For these kind of requirements we usually use standard email notifications and filter in MS Outllok (or other email client) which runs some script or application. 5ue
  10. Hi friends, I need to display different tabs for notebook (or whole notebook) based on time the form is refreshed. It works fine for displaying form filelds, but for notebook (or single tabs) I always get garbled results (only some or no tabs, parts of JS code etc.) One of the codes I've tested is listed below. It is for detail_site.htmpl, but the results are the same for any form.. <PDM_MACRO name=startNotebook hdr="site_nb"> <script type="text/JavaScript"> var d = new Date(); var h = d.getHours(); //alert(h); if (h > 0 && h < 6) { <PDM_MACRO name=tab title="Pohotovosti $args.name - dnes1" height=300 id=z_pohotovost2 src="OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=z_pohotovost+ADDITIONAL_WHERE=(oblast=$args.id AND ((den = StartAtTime('TODAY') AND typ != 400002 AND typ != 400005) OR (den = StartAtTime('YESTERDAY') AND (typ = 400002 OR typ = 400005 )) ) AND delete_flag = 0)" tooltip="Pohotovosti"> } else { <PDM_MACRO name=tab title="Pohotovosti $args.name - dnes2" height=300 id=z_pohotovost2 src="OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=z_pohotovost+ADDITIONAL_WHERE=(oblast=$args.id AND den = StartAtTime('TODAY') AND delete_flag = 0)" tooltip="Pohotovosti"> } <PDM_MACRO name=tab title="Pohotovosti $args.name - všechny" height=300 id=z_pohotovost src="OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=z_pohotovost+ADDITIONAL_WHERE=(oblast=$args.id AND delete_flag = 0)" tooltip="Pohotovosti"> </script> <PDM_MACRO name=endNotebook> I've also tried to pass the whole notebook to the condition, but no success (it displays nothing ) <script type="text/JavaScript"> var d = new Date(); var h = d.getHours(); //alert(h); if (h > 0 && h < 6) { <PDM_MACRO name=startNotebook hdr="site_nb"> .... one version of the notebook <PDM_MACRO name=endNotebook> } else { <PDM_MACRO name=startNotebook hdr="site_nb"> .... another version of the notebook <PDM_MACRO name=endNotebook> Or is there any way how to pass standard JS variable to <pdm_if> condition? Thank you for your ideas, 5ue
  11. Hi Mitu, combo_name2 is standard derived field in SDM and it is defined in the same way as combo_name and can be used for example as a common_name for cnt object. combo_name LOCAL STRING(0) DERIVED(last_name || isnull(', ' || first_name || ' ' || middle_name)) combo_name2 LOCAL STRING(0) DERIVED(last_name || ',' || isnull(first_name) || ',' || isnull(middle_name)) But I have no idea why you can use combo_name for advanced search and combo_name2 not. The same with stuctured URL's - you can search for contacts using this URL http://<server>/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=cnt+QBE.KY.combo_name=smith but not this one - you get error message saying that combo_name2 is not defined.. http://<server>/CAisd/pdmweb.exe?OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=cnt+QBE.KY.combo_name2=tanc It is the same with all others derived fileds - like web_url - you can't use it for searching.. The only exception I've found is combo_name. And I need another one Any ideas? 5ue
  12. Hi friends, I need to search for contacts using combo_name2 - you can search for contacts using combo_name and Additional Search Arguments, but if you try to search for "combo_name2 LIKE '%John%'" you get error message ...Could not recognize combo_name2. I guess I should modify cnt factory, but I think I've tried everything I could.. This is just the first step - the goal is to create new derived field and use this field in my integration URL's - but first I have to know how this black magic stuff works Thanks, 5ue
  13. Hi team, I would like to store phone number, mobile phone and e-mail address which was filled in employee interface directly to the incident. I use this simple modification which works fine for phone numbers, but results in a strange behaviour for e-mail address. Instead of this code snippet <PDM_SET args.SET.OEMAIL="$cst.email_address"> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlTextbox hdr="Email Address" attr="SET.OEMAIL" size=30> I use this one. <PDM_SET args.string6="$cst.email_address"> <PDM_MACRO name=dtlTextbox hdr="Email Address" attr="string6"> The issue is that @ is converted into $ for the email address and I’m not able to find out why. Thank you for your suggestions, sue
  14. Hi team, I need to create a report with tables that are linked together as illustrated below.. The first table displays some summary data like category symbol and number of requests for each category. The number in second column should be something like a link or a trigger to the second table with detail information about all the relevant tickets. For example if you click on „3“ in the first table, the data in the second table should display information about all 3 requests. Category Symbol ..... Number of Requests Email ............... 52 Application.......... 48 Network ............. 3 Ref Num ...... Assignee 102 .......... John 105 .......... Suzan 112 .......... David I guess this should be possible, but I haven’t found a way how. Could you please share your experiences? Thank you, 5ue
  15. Hi Mitu, thanks for this idea. I would like to use only SDM and creating my own apps or scripts should be the last option.. I would also like to open all matching contacts in Profile browser like you can do when you search for contacts in profile browser - the list_in form is embedded in profile browser. But no luck so far.. 5ue
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