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  1. venk@at I gather you want to stay withing the basic SDM application and just a quick solution for this one issue? You could set a flag using one of the user defined fields (string1) on the change order when the past end date event that estli01 mentioned. Then check for this condition before sending the notification. If true (1) then send the notification and immediately set the flag back to false (0) and repeat the event every 30 minutes. The next time through the event, the flag will be false and the notification condition will not fire. Just an outline here, I don't have a system available to test now. Otherwise if you want to expand on the business process, there are several timer functions within CA Process Automation and it may be available at not cost depending on your license. It would require additional servers and EEM as well but may be a better long term fit. 'Breeze
  2. Stephanie, I don't have Resolution Method on my Update Status details, but if you change it to a Dropdown with the lookup="no" parameter, then they should not be able to get to the list view to see the "Create New" button. (Assuming your list is not too long to be displayed as selection list). 'Breeze
  3. Hmm. Alright. now this isn't working. The value is displayed when I tab out of the Area (for example, I have a priority of '2' for one Area) and there is no error when I save the ticket, but it reverts to whatever value was there previously. I have the overall defaulted to '3' ON NEW. Strange. 'Breeze
  4. cdtj; Thanks. This isn't working inside the load_properties.htmpl. But I have also since added a .mod to remove 'None' and limit the valid values and I will have to work on this later. 'Breeze
  5. Thanks, cdtj. I saw your response on: In SDM 14.1.03, I already have priority added to the pcat table. And it is accepting priorities on the detail_pcat. And so I am trying to reproduce on load_properties.htmpl as you suggested on that post. Now this is what I am adding: ///////////////////////// //////////////////////// And this seems to work as long as the Priority field is a lookup and not a dropdown. The priority table also has the standard values of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, None and defaults to 'None'. This may work as a dropdown if I get this to display as <empty>, otherwise, I'm sure the customer will not want this to be a lookup field when they want to override the category default. I'll try to keep this post updated with what I find, but your suggestion does solve the OP issue. 'Breeze
  6. RESOLVED: Change the button code to: and the hidden input to: Apparently, "document.getElementById" is still supported while "document.main_form.elements" is deprecated?. I couldn't find a specific reference to the supported versions, 'Breeze
  7. SDM 14.1.02 Need to allow analysts to change a Request to Incident and vice versa as customers currently create Requests initially and then the decision of which type is made at Tier 1. The following legacy code works in IE and Firefox but not Chrome. IE: version 11 Firefox ESR 45 Chrome: Version 51 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// detail_cr.htmpl In the existing button row: ...and added the necessary hidden element to capture the existing type: ////////////////////////////////////////////////// What should I look for that Chrome handles differently? TIA, 'Breeze
  8. I apologize for not responding sooner. Other tasks came up. I will try this as soon as possible and then update. Thanks, 'Breeze
  9. I don't have direct solution at this time. As an alternative, you can add a Quick Launch icon which would appear on the menubar directly above the form. You can modify the menubar_sd.htmpl at change: to this: Regards, 'Breeze
  10. SDM 14.1 (but a solution should be available to some earlier versions) I need to remove the Export function in search results except for a few roles that management approves. I've used $SESSION.ROLE_ID in HTMPL files before but is there a way to do this other than modifying each list_xxxx.htmpl that includes Export? We have a lot of form groups. I've looked at the search_filter.js file in WSP and tried to find the correct variable to set/create that would act similar to the code for hiding the Create New button. Note: The solution is to not display the button at all, not display it as 'disabled'. TIA, 'Breeze
  11. SDM 14.1.02 on MS SQL Customer is not using Priority Calculation, under review by business units. In the meantime, they want to have a default priority which can be changed on the analyst interface. Done. But they also want to have default Urgency and Impacts so that reporting is consistent. The default Impact is the lowest (User) for both Incidents and Requests. Urgency needs to have one value for Request (Low/Project) and another for Incidents (Minor). These are enum values of 0 and 1, respectively. I can set default values in the drop downs in the analyst interface but these are not even being presented (by choice) to the employees - it should just use the defaults and then the analyst will escalate as needed. I can't seem to set this using PDM_SET in the forms. I guess this could be added to the zpri.mod file but what filter and spel code should I use? Alternatives? TIA, 'Breeze
  12. I have it working in PROD. But for no logical reason. The macro was not firing at all, so I was not getting any messages to review. I then went back through every part of the event and not only checked the formats, but also removed and reattached the conditions, activity associations, etc, and retesting after each change. The last item I changed that ran the complete event was: Removing and reassigning the workshift to the event. (Not changing the actual workshift details, just removing it, saving the event, editing it again and assigning the same workshift). Really? OK. I know this won't help anyone in the future unless it turns out to be a known bug.
  13. Thanks for all the troubleshooting checks. Sorry if my post about the mod code working threw you off - that is in DEV, just to validate the code change - the event works fine there so it doesn't throw errors and I can't touch PROD until Saturday night. Yes, I did recycle services in PROD after the problem occurred. I ran your SQL check of anima on a working system so I can see what outputs are returned (joined to the evt table for sym) This entry clears quickly when successful. Regards, 'Breeze
  14. Thanks. I will take advantage of that - and hopefully salt it away for the future. Since the event in PROD remains in status_flag of 2 regardless of the time delay or even if I change the action to one of the standard Set Status ones; do you have any thoughts on how I can trace the rest of the event process? I know the Log Comment completes and the Event triggers; it only fires when the condition is met and not for every Log Comment. From the GUI, there are no differences between DEV and PROD for the rest of the Event settings. 'Breeze
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