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  1. Has anyone successfully run a Service Desk 11.2 environment on Microsoft SQL 2008? SQL 2008 is not on the compatibility matrix for 11.2, but I'm wondering if anyone has given it a try anyway and if so what were the results? Thanks!
  2. SDU - Remote SD Administrator We are looking for a remote service desk administrator to assist our existing team. Technical Requirements: Experience administrating both Service Desk r11 and r12. Experience with the customization of Service Desk using HTMPL, Java Script, Spel/Majic. Experience with Microsoft SQL Server (version 2005 or later) Other considerations: US citizenship is required. This is not a full-time position, it's based on current work loads. Scheduling of when the work is to occur will be flexible. Work may be performed outside of normal business hours, however the administrator must be available during normal business hours (Eastern or Central US time zones) for conference calls and other coordinating activity. If you are interested please send your resume, availability and expected hourly rate to HR. Please also include at least 3 professional references - name, phone number and email address. Please use the Subject Line "SDU - Remote SD Administrator" Thank you.
  3. Has anyone had experience with installing an MDB on a 64-bit SQL Server cluster. The MDB will include: Unicenter Service Desk r11.2 Unicenter Service Delivery r11.2 SP1 Unicenter UAPM 11.3 Unicener DSM 11.2 C1 Looking for tips, tricks or gotchas. Thanks! Mark
  4. eIAM will certainly do the trick. You need to configure an additional dx 'router' and restart the eIAM and iTechnology services. You also need to ensure that the between the two domains you do not have duplication of user names. If you do then you will need to have your logons include FQDN such as me@my.domain.com vs me@other.domain.com in eIAM
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