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  1. Hi, I'm strugling with this one for a few days now, and no luck so far. What I need is to deny to a group of people, wich are asigned to an access type of ANALYST L3, the creation of incidents. They shoul only use the ACTIVITIES menu of the Incident form, but I don't want them to modify the detail of the incident in any way. So, any ideas? regards
  2. Take a look at chapter 6 of the Implementation Guide, and also the forums Regards
  3. Hi, at detail_in form you have a dtlLookup field that map to the affected_resource object What I need is to map this field to the affected_resource.system_name wich is the Host Name of the CI form. If I use a dtlReadonly field this works great, but if I use the dtlLookup it doesn't. If I select the search icon on the field I receive an error saying that it can't find search_.htmpl Pls advice regards
  4. Hi, you could do that. But it's better to use the Web Screen Painter instead Regards
  5. Hi, wish to know if it´s possible to create/update contact records using the SDM webservices. The problem is at my organization all relevant contact data resides at an Oracle DB. Windows AD is used only to authentication. I managed to create all contacts using pdm_load, but it's not practicall to do it as a batch. So, can this be accomplished with WebServices ? Regards
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