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  1. Hello I have a field z_classification in entservx table. This table is connected to nr as assoc_entservx BREL entservx.id. I want to use this field in notification template (rule Modification CI, object Configuration Item). Value of the field is "ABCD" but that is always displayed as empty in the notification. Defined in Notification template Classification: @{ci_id.assoc_entservx.z_classification} Where is a mistake?
  2. Can you help me? I need solve this problem. One of WF tasks must be skipped when affected_contact is member of Group assigned to task. How can I test it in Spel macro which will be started on change Task status to Pending? THX.
  3. I mean that format for web interface is declared in web.cfg. But this is internal format for spelcode. Therefore you can use this part of spel ------------------- MyDate =(string) ((date)((string) now())); //save actually date & time to string logf (SIGNIFICANT, "Date: '%s'", MyDate); // write this to LogFile -------------------- You must look your log. Then correct following lines of script according to used format. day, month, year, hour, min, sec are dependent of position in MyDate string dow is independent.
  4. string MyDate; int day,month,year,hour,min,sec,dow; float work; // DateTime format: MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss // Day of Week : 0=Sunday, 1=Monday, ... MyDate =(string) ((date)((string) now())); logf (SIGNIFICANT, "Date: '%s'", MyDate); day=(int) (substr(MyDate,3,2)); month=(int) (substr(MyDate,0,2)); year=(int) (substr(MyDate,6,4)); hour=(int) (substr(MyDate,11,2)); min=(int) (substr(MyDate,14,2)); sec=(int) (substr(MyDate,17,4)); work= (float) now() / 86400; dow=(int) work + 4; dow= dow % 7; logf (SIGNIFICANT, "Day: %s Month: %s Year: %s", day,month,year); logf (SIGNIFICANT, "Hour: %s Minh: %s Sec: %s", hour,min,sec); logf (SIGNIFICANT, "Day of Week: %s", dow);
  5. Condition macro defined on tab "Transition information" is started when task leave status Pending. BEFORE setting some other status. I can't use this test AFTER setting status Approved (on "To Do" tab). When tested property isn't correct then there no way to set back status Pending.
  6. Hello, I solve this problem. I have a condition macro which tested numerial value some Change property. This macro I use in Transition on PEND behavior. If the property isn't numeric then error message is generate and new task status isn't set. In the Realization Task this works perfectly. But I need use this condition in Approve task. If status "Approved" is selected then macro must check property value as well as in Realization task. In case of "Rejected" it must allways return TRUE. Property value is not important at this moment because Change will be closed. Can I detect which status has been selected? Or have you any other idea? Thanks. (SDM 12.5)
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