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  1. Does anybody know of a way to make a ticket of a specific Request Type so that it cannot be edited in any way?
  2. 12.9 Has anybody noticed there are odd duplicates in the CMDB export feature. When relationships are exported via the Export button we are getting duplicate relationships in the report but do not see them when we do a search on them. I first thought it might be active vs inactive but this is not the case.
  3. Has anybody ever come with a way to see a complete list of users who have accessed their SDM system? If so how did you do this? Kinda like a PDM_Webstat -d that would show all who accessed would be convenient but I doubt it exists. LOL
  4. I am getting a similar error. Any ideas? slump_nxd 8888 ERROR list.c 1926 Invalid PROC_LIST entry found (pdm_tomcat-SERVERNAME)
  5. Looks like I will need it spoon fed, I can't figure it out. Rough week and I am mentally fried. LOL Hello weekend!
  6. Anybody have any idea why this wont work? I got it to work for R.I.P.s by using the PCAT: But change orders wont work with the "code" or the sym. <PDM_MACRO name=menuItem label="New_Mainframe_Change_Order..." function="ahdtop.create_new('chg',0,'PRESET=category:mfNormal')">
  7. Lol, You and I both have that preference. See you then. I will send contact info as the date closes.
  8. Actually I figured it out. . . sched_end_date > StartAtTime(\'LAST_2_Days\') AND sched_end_date < EndAtTime(\'TODO_TODAY\') AND((category = \'xxxx\') OR (category = \'xxxx\')) Are you going to World? You have responded to so many of my posts I feel like I should get you a beer.
  9. Yes it should, I was tinkering and just copied that code. The problem is getting it to stop at today so it only shows from 2 days ago until midnight of the day you run the query. This code here gives me 2 days ago and NOT today. It needs to have todays. sched_end_date > StartAtTime(\'LAST_2_Days\') AND sched_end_date < StartAtTime(\'TODAY\') AND((category = \'xxxx\') OR (category = \'aaaa\')) If I change the > today is does just that, if I make it = it acts like a greater and gives me future. Are you going to "World" this year?
  10. I am trying to get a query that will show me all certain Changes that happened from the last to days till today. This is what I have but it is showing me everything. sched_end_date < StartAtTime(\'LAST_2_Days\') AND sched_end_date < EndAtTime(\'TODAY\') AND ((category = \'xxx\') OR (category = \'xxx1\')) The LAST_2_Days seems to work as I get nothing prior to 2 days ago. When I put an = sign for =TODAY I get only 1. the correct list for me is 166 Any ideas what I have done wrong?
  11. Has anybody solved this yet, I see it several years old.
  12. Does anybody know how to view your users by role? I created a new role and want a list of everybody I have added to this role. Thanks Brian
  13. I did check there but see nothing out of the box that would indicate "current time" and I also am unsure about how to create one with the fields they provide.
  14. I want to create a query that says if the current time is greater than "z_Start_Time" yada, yada, yada. How would I write current time in the stored query? Anybody have any ideas? Thanks Brian
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