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  1. BrianM

    some features are not working

    Hi Spring, This is NOT an official CA Support site, but rather an external community forum. I would be VERY SUSPICIOUS of anyone alluding that they can fix your issues by doing a remote session from this forum!!! Just a word of caution As far as I am concerned in this community forum, all we do is share information with peers.
  2. Hi Manish, See a similar topic previously discussed in this forum: Bulk Knowledge Import Regards, Brian
  3. Is it possible when sending a manual notify to flag the email sent as high importance? Or if this is not possible, is there any way to display the notification urgency (noturg) in the body of the sent email?
  4. BrianM

    Remove 'Tenant' from all list pages

    It would not make sense to still want to use Multi-Tenancy but not show the tenant field on list screens. How would you identify the tenant of the record you are working on? Did you perhaps install Multi-Tenancy by mistake and now want to remove it? The only way I can think of is to deinstall the Multi-Tenancy option and then remove the tenant data from the records via pdm_load\pdm_userload.
  5. OOTB I do not think this is possible. Perhaps with some clever customization it could be possible
  6. BrianM

    CMDB Partitioning

    In my opinion both methods will work. It's then up to on which one will be easiest to use. Just to confuse you further I am throwing Multi-Tenancy and Service Contracts into the mix... In my opinion both methods will work. It's then up to on which one will be easiest to use. Just to confuse you further I am throwing Multi-Tenancy and Service Contracts into the mix...
  7. BrianM

    Execute powershell script

    Yep, very much possible. You can also use the "Execute Remote Reference" macro
  8. BrianM

    Daily Login Count for Servicedesk

    Still running r11.2? About time you upgraded ;-) But yeah, I agreed with Mitu, the session_log is the only table that assist you in this regard.
  9. BrianM

    508 Compliance for r12.1

    If memory serves me well, r12.1 was indeed 508 compliant. Check the Release Notes or Certification matrix. By the way r12.1 is no longer supported...perhaps its time to upgrade to latest versions ;-)
  10. BrianM

    Export button not working

    In most cases this is related to the tomcat process either not running or in a hung state. Think there was a fix\patch for this problem in r12.5
  11. Speaking for myself... This does not make practical sense or add any business value. Why would anyone want to update more multiple workflow tasks description to the same text via edit in list? What business value or requirement is this meant to address?
  12. BrianM

    Log comment

    I think they want a way to send a notification to assignee\group on ticket when a comment (Log Comment) on a ticket is made by someone other than the assignee / support group (member of group)." Is this what you are trying to do Prisca?
  13. Converting the data to UTF8 actually works. I have recently done this with the pdm_uconv utility on SDM r12.7
  14. BrianM

    r12.5 - Pdm_Extract and Load

    The problem I foresee doing this with SQL is that you need to know exactly what you are doing. If you make a mistake and you did not make a back up of the table or database, there is no way to go back. With ServiceDesk utilies (pdm_extract and pdm_load) you at least have a backup of the entire table before you made any changes and can revert back. Also changes done directly through SQL are not reflected in ServiceDesk web interface until you recycle the ServiceDesk service. So you should be cautious wen doing this.
  15. Take note of TEC477186 and QI94374 when it comes to limitation of Scoreboard queries with mixed ticket types