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    for initial load of update_lrel_xxx form find this area in list_nr.htmpl: <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.ForLrel" == "1"> document.write('<input type="hidden" name="HTMPL" value="update_lrel_nr.htmpl">'); and add document.write('<input type="hidden" name="KEEP.RowsPerPage" value="100">'); in update_lrel_xxx you can Change all links in loadActions() with this: jq("[id^=dx_]").each(function() { jq(this).attr("href", jq(this).attr("href") + "+KEEP.RowsPerPage=100"); }); regards, pacy
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    Hi Guys, been a while since I had anything to post about !!!!! I have done numerous webservice calls before but im having trouble using the changestatus method... and i dont see anything about it in the WIKI The changestatus method is supposed to emulate the action of an Activity->Update status function on USD the requirement for the method is as follows: ws.changestatus(sid, creatorhandle, objecthandle, description, newstatushandle) now my problem is i dont think im sending the correct status handle... I get an "invalid" error when executing it. i tried as follows (not the real cnt handle or request handle, just demoing): ws.changestatus(sid, "cnt:12345678", "cr:12340", "this is to change the status....", "crs:2001") i reckon that my handle for the status is incorrect but i have no idea what should be used there... i have tried numerous options, id/persid/code but to no avail please help !
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    this might be caused because you have more than one SET.customer called input (like in other form which is used to create parent/child object), try to define main form in jquery selector, ex: // not sure that main_form is a name, it can be an id, then use "#main_from" instead. jq("[name='main_form'][name='SET.customer']").val(); or check other inputs to confirm that problem is in wrong selection: // check jquery .each syntax if this fails jq("[name='SET.customer']").each(function(a, b) { alert(a + ":" + b.name + " @ " + b.value); });
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    hi, this one should help: https://community.broadcom.com/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?MID=751297
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    Dear experts,I have a question; I have a 17.1 ca service desk manager environment.I have dome some customization on pcat object (Prob Category) and have a custom attribute. On some form groups, I'd like to show the category tree with this new added custom attribute instead of COMMON_NAME, "sym". 1) For most of the form groups, I'd like to see the category tree view with default attribute "sym", which is coded as common_name in hiersel_pcat_in.htmpl. 2) For some form groups, I'd like to show "zcustom_name" attribute of pcat object. It does not work, when I only change the hiersel_pcat_in.htmpl file. Most probably there is another javscript which runs onload and creates the tree view with default attribute "sym". I'd like to find and modify it. I've changed hiersel_pcat* files but it still shows "sym" attribute on load. How can I modify it?Best RegardsUtku
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    hi, check for msg_cat.js file.
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    currently i'm out of business and cant test anything, but i'm pretty sure i called webservices using perl directly from sdm. you can use cmd to debug perl scripts pdm_perl <scriptname.pm> and i think that perl libs/binaries should be somewhere near pdm_perl file regarding that vbs example, it looks like bullshit (sorry), because: method have dot in it's name which is restricted; method declared without arguments and not even called within example, but it's passed as argument for .exe file which is not method name at all; send_wait called method with .exe is trying to pass some arguments which are not declared
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    Hi, Spell (spl) or sdm itself can't be used to call webservices. But perl can and also perl scripts can be called via spel_srvr as regualr spel methods. This way is fun and pleasant to implement. Useful links: https://community.broadcom.com/enterprisesoftware/viewdocument/spel-how-to-execute-remote-referenc?CommunityKey=e2cd3188-49bc-4f38-88f1-74260f56fa66&tab=librarydocuments https://metacpan.org/pod/SOAP::WSDL (outer lib maybe not included in sdm perl package, also there should be other ways to call wsdl using perl) Also there is a "legal" way using CA PAM but didn't tried it. Regards
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    if youre triggering notification from Activity you should access fields through related object, eg: @{call_req_id.description} (or change_id, or issue_id) but if youre triggering from Event, it populating notification directly from itself, so you can access attributes directly: @{description} @{summary}, etc.
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    On pressing F12, the error "Unrecognized expression" were related to below lines and removing these 2 lines, the functionality worked as intended. ahdframe.jq("[name=SET.assignee]").val(""); ahdframe.jq("[name=SET.group]").val(""); Thank you so much sir, on this customization code assistance. Have a great day!!
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    Hi, you can't fetch data in survey this way, because survey isn't linket to ticket, try to use PDM_LIST macro to get tickets data: code will look like: <PDM_LIST prefix="list" factory="cr" where="persistent_id = '$ext_args.CNTXT_PERSID'"> var cr_ref_num = "$list.ref_num"; var cr_assignee = "$list.assignee.combo_name"; // etc... </PDM_LIST> alert(cr_ref_num); alert(cr_assignee);
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    Thanks very much, you are correct. I added the line change.description=""; in the cr::site_call_to_change_mapping() method. Thanks again
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    I had this problem on Windows Server 2008. this issue is related with permissions. You have to "run as administrator" the DOS command line program. Otherwise you will have this issue.
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    Sorry for the delay in reply, I added the true as you suggested and it now works. Thanks for your help!!
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    I get this as well, I do have the edit logic on the field but once you value the field after it barks at you you are not able to save/open the ticket. Any Idea why? <PDM_IF "$prop.form_name_3" == "edit"> function preSaveTrigger() { // Ensure that the Schedule Duration is something other than zero var sched_dur_value = document.main_form.elements["SET.sched_duration"].value; if (sched_dur_value == "00:00:00" || sched_dur_value == "00:0:00" || sched_dur_value == "") { alert("Please enter a value for Duration that is greater than zero"); return false; } } </PDM_IF>
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    Hi Christoph. maybe this will help: ImgBtnCreate("btn001", "SDU", "window.open('http://www.servicedeskusers.com', 'MyWindow', 'width=300,height=400,left=100,top=200')", true, 0, "User Community for CA/Unicenter Service Desk");
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    Remember that status in tickets is referenced with the CODE field (RE, CL, OP, HOLD, ACK, etc...). Try this: ws.changestatus(sid, "cnt:12345678", "cr:12340", "this is to change the status....", "RE") Where RE is the status code of Resolved.
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    AWESOME!! That did it. Only thing is, should have been INT_DATE not INT_DAT. I saw another field referenced a similar way after I tried your suggestion and noticed the missing letter. Muchas Gracias!!!
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    I'm not sure about Change Orders because we don't use them, but I created a new Incident and the open_date value was already populated prior to saving. I think you should be able to refer to it. MODIFY CHG PRE_VALIDATE z_needby_check() 123 FILTER(EVENT("UPDATE")); chg::z_needby_check( ... ) { if (need_by < open_date + 14400) { // 4 hours * 60 mins * 60 seconds = 14400 string z_needby_msg; z_needby_msg = format("Need By Date cannot be sooner than 4 hours after ticket creation"); set_error(1); set_return_data(z_needby_msg); return; }
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    Try this: chg::zcheck_date(...) { logf(SIGNIFICANT,"in log"); string zsmg; string zmethod; [b]if(zstart_dt < (date) now())[/b] { zsmg=format(" The strat date cannot be before the current date"); set_error(1); set_return_data(zsmg); } return; }
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