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  2. Hello, I am using your customization in our environment for external users, everything is working fine but when i click update button field is update but also giving me below error. AHD04407:CA Service Desk Manager html generation error. Could not find or process 'detail_cnt_ro.htmpl'.AHD04714:Unable to open file detail_cnt_ro.htmpl at ?: No such file or directory (2) userid=********** Kindly help me! Regards, Naveed Akhter
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  4. Hi soph, Do you know the name of this required field in cr factory? If yes, what is the field type? Boolean? Which value have you tried to set for this field in attrVal array?
  5. Hi thiago23oliveira, Instead of use multiple "PRESET=", try to do this: <PDM_MACRO name=button Caption="Criar incidente[!eaI]" Func="create_new('cr',0,0,0,'PRESET=type:I@@customer:$args.customer@@category:$args.category@@assignee:$args.assignee@@group:$args.group', 'INITFROM=frm003')" hotkey_name="Create Incident[!eaI]" ID=ITIL_INCIDENT>
  6. Hi matrojas, I don't know how to do it, but you can find a working example for create a Change Order with attachment (in Java) under NX_ROOT\samples\sdk\rest\java\test3_attachments\SampleNewResourceWithAttachment.java. Hope it helps!
  7. You can also add +KEEP.RowsPerPage=100 behind a src: <PDM_MACRO name=TAB title="Activity" height=300 id=alg src="OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=alg+QBE.EQ.call_req_id=$args.persistent_id+QBE.EQ.internal=0+QBE.NE.type=PROP_CHANGED+KEEP.RowsPerPage=100" And you don´t need to change the ListPageLength for all lists.
  8. for initial load of update_lrel_xxx form find this area in list_nr.htmpl: <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.ForLrel" == "1"> document.write('<input type="hidden" name="HTMPL" value="update_lrel_nr.htmpl">'); and add document.write('<input type="hidden" name="KEEP.RowsPerPage" value="100">'); in update_lrel_xxx you can Change all links in loadActions() with this: jq("[id^=dx_]").each(function() { jq(this).attr("href", jq(this).attr("href") + "+KEEP.RowsPerPage=100"); }); regards, pacy
  9. I have been successfully creating tickets in CA Service Desk using Powershell for a couple years now, but I have been tasked with figuring out how to add an attachment to the ticket. They way I am doing it currently is, once I have the $accesskey: $URIString = "http://$servername:8050/caisd-rest/cr" $headers = New-Object "System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary[[String],[String]]" $headers.Add("X-AccessKey", $accesskey) $headers.Add("Accept", "application/xml") $headers.Add("Content-Type", "application/xml; charset=UTF-8") $headers.Add("X-Obj-Attrs" , "ref_num") $body = "<cr><group COMMON_NAME=`"Security Admin`"/><summary>`"Test Ticket - Please Ignore`"</summary><requested_by COMMON_NAME=`"AutomationReview, UserAccess`"/><customer COMMON_NAME=`"AutomationReview, UserAccess`"/><description>`"Test Ticket - Please Ignore`"</description></cr>" $b = Invoke-RestMethod -Method POST -Uri $UriString -Headers $headers -body $body This works great, but I can't figure out how to add an attachment. I tried adding "<attachment>`"C:\temp\empID.txt`"</attachment>" to the middle of the body, and while that didn't throw any errors, it didn't seem to do anything. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  10. Hi guys, In the request form there is the Create incident button. I would like to take some of the request information, such as customer, category, assignee, group, summary and description to the new incident. To do this I have created a few presets in the "Create Incident" button settings, and created the form to handle summary and description information. But when I click to Create the new incident from the request, the summary and the request information is not copied to the new incident. I'm putting the codes below: What's is wrong guys? =(
  11. Hello. I've never customized Service Desk Manager web forms before and could use some guidance. My ultimate goal is to ... 1) Detect when the value of the "Need By Date" of a Change Order is updated. 2) Based on the number of days difference between the system date/time and the value of the "Need By Date", set the Priority to a specific value. Pertaining to a copy of the detail.chg.htpml file, here is what I've done so far ... 1) In the section of the code where all the PDM_MACRO lines are, I added the following code to invoke a function when the value of "Need By Date" changes. <PDM_MACRO name=dtlDate hdr="Need By Date" attr=need_by evt="onChange=\\\"set_priority_using_need_by_date()\\\""> 2) Next, in the java script section, I added a new function to test if I could invoke it. Here is my test code. function set_priority_using_need_by_date() { showAlertMessage("Function Invoked", true); } I then backed up the current htpml file in the analyst folder, then copied in the one that I modified. I did a pdm_webcache from a cmd prompt as well. When I access the modified Change Order page from the GUI, I get an error message. AHD04622:Undefined arguments EVT supplied to PDM_MACRO DTLDATE In the std log, it has AHD04622:Undefined arguments EVT supplied to PDM_MACRO DTLDATE at detail_chg.htmpl[503]. I'm a bit lost on this. Can someone advise me on what I might be doing wrong? Much appreciated. Thank You.
  12. Thanks cdtj, but i have no idea how i can realize that. I can´t find OP=PG+PG in the existing files. Or must i code it completly new?
  13. I think it's defined on javascript level where arguments like len and start are passed to function. I'll try to check this later. updated: yeah, seems like this is WebEngine OP called PG and it doesnt have any other arguemnts, to pass in. But you can set length as int multiple to 25 and modify next page URL from OP=PG+PG=page_number to OP=PG+PG=length/25*(page_number-1).
  14. And that is exactly my problem. I think it is in one of the encrypted spel-files 🤔
  15. I have the whole list in a first set so I didnt tried to navigate next... So seems you need to rewrite nav bar to make next $start depended on $length.
  16. I already tried that. It's working for the list, but not for the page navigation under the list... as JalmariO said.
  17. henning1518, try to placed followed tag before your pdm_list: <PDM_SET length=1000> form might look uncommon but you'll get whole list.
  18. Hi, I have 17.1 SDM When I edit and select a specific group on Incident, the assignee field should become Read-only. Please help me how to achieve this. Thanks.
  19. I want make it for one form too. Any ideas ? Thanks.
  20. Hi, after a lot of tries it worked like this: type != 'I' AND group = U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C645' We are denying Incidents for this the group. Thanks for your efforts henning1518. I appreciate it. Good lucky
  21. Hi, it´s really strange. I think this is a bug or something like that. The documentation says it has to work that way. However try: NOT(type='I' AND group = U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C87') It works for me.... I can´t create an incident with that group.
  22. Hi Hennig, Thanks for helping however when I create a constraint only with "Type != 'I'" it restricts all incidents, even for other groups.
  23. Hello Service Desk Experts, I need to restrict users open Incidents for a Specific group. Only for incidents, request should works. So I'm trying to do this by Data Partition constraint of creation. Eg. Type: Create Table: Call_Req Constraint: type != 'I' AND group != U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C87' ***My problem is that this constraint is blocking not only Incidents, but also Requests.*** I already try something like that but it also blocks Requests too. type != 'I' AND group.last_name != 'name_of_the_group' (type != 'I') AND group.id != U'A9CD563B7420B747929459DC8F91C645' I would appreciate if someone can help to achieve that. Thanks in advance.
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