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  1. not sure how to do this for employee role, but: that's the reason why I asked for full JavaScript function you use to open new page. You need to pass some extra param to URL to make status change form know where to navigate you and I have tested code from this post: and it works in my env... For more information could you open Status change form, then hit F12 to open browser's console and paste followed code then give result back: console.log("HTMPL : " + ahdframe.jq("[name=HTMPL]").val()); console.log("HOME ACTION : " + ahdframe.jq("[name=KEEP.HOME_ACTION]").val()); console.log("URL : " + ahdframe.window.location.href); // You can wipe site name from this line but keep everything after "?" sign Regards, cdtj
  2. there is no need to supress popups you need to use popupActivityWithURL for analyst role and display_new_page for employee. BTW after supressing popups what happening when you save the chenges? Does browser navigate to home screen or back to request?
  3. Defaulty all new forms for employee interface group opens in a same window, have you tried to avoid popups? this could be a clue. Providing final code for z_customer_chase also might be helpful.
  4. hi, one question to determine starting point: what happens when employee clicks Save button? Regards, cdtj
  5. contact copy

    Hi, you can try to create POST_CI trigger for INSERT event, which will check related data for newly created contact but I'm not sure on what stage of copying process LREL data filling. Regards, cdtj
  6. Hi, do you use spel code to apply changes? because I didn't find any inputs for status or other attrs in attached file. Anyway, I remembered a universal solution, which will navigate employee to initial form and will show update message. Here is a way how to achieve it: 1. Add variable to func: { var url=cfgCgi+ "?SID="+cfgSID+ "+FID="+fid_generator()+ "+FACTORY="+factory+ "+PERSID="+persid+ "+OP=UPDATE"+ "+ACTIVITY_LOG_TYPE="+type+ "+EDIT_HTMPL=detail_alg_edit.htmpl" + "+AUTO_OVERRIDE_LOCK=true" + "+KEEP.zBackHome=1"; display_new_page(url); } 2. Use variable in condition on detail_alg.htmpl, add this code where hidden inputs are located: <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.zBackHome" == "1"> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=HTMPL VALUE="home.htmpl"> <INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=KEEP.HOME_ACTION VALUE="Z_SUCCESS"> </PDM_IF> 3. Variable HOME_ACTION within KEEP array will be passed to home.htpml, so you can display custom message depending on it, find PDM_LINK OP=SHOW_DETAIL on home.htmpl and update it in this way: <PDM_LINK OP="SHOW_DETAIL" PERSID="$args.persistent_id" onmouseover="window.status = "Open Issue ${args.ref_num}"; return true;" onmouseout="window.status = window.defaultStatus; return true;"> <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.HOME_ACTION" == "Z_SUCCESS"> <span class="alertmsg portlet_body_text">Issue ${args.ref_num} was updated.</span> <PDM_ELSE> <span class="alertmsg portlet_body_text">Issue ${args.ref_num} was created.</span> </PDM_IF> </PDM_LINK>
  7. this sounds very strange, could you share your detail_alg.htmpl for employee form group?
  8. but display_new_page should open new form in the same page (ahdframe) and after submitting should return you back isn't it? Could you try this one: { var url=cfgCgi+ "?SID="+cfgSID+ "+FID="+fid_generator()+ "+FACTORY="+factory+ "+PERSID="+persid+ "+OP=UPDATE"+ "+ACTIVITY_LOG_TYPE="+type+ "+EDIT_HTMPL=detail_alg_edit.htmpl" + "+AUTO_OVERRIDE_LOCK=true"; display_new_page(url); }
  9. hi, so much stress talking to a native speaker D: may you confirm your situation? on employee interface if you're using popup method - main page doesn't refresh, if you're displaying new form on the same page, it being stuck? so, you're using same page for employee and analyst role?
  10. hi, for these purposes you can use insert_object method: uuid who; send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "cnt", "current_user_id"); who = msg[0]; send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "api", "insert_object", who, "alg", NULL, 0, "call_req_id", persistent_id, "type", type, "description", description, "time_spent", (duration)0 ); i think that you can attach this code part directly into mentioned condition.
  11. As I remember employees are not allowed to use popups. You can try to use it with your previous method - display_new_page. I checked employee interface files and found function defined in this way: function zCallActivity(aty) { var query_str = cfgCgi + "?SID=" + cfgSID + "+FID=" + fid_generator() + "+FACTORY=cr" + "+PERSID=$args.persistent_id" + "+OP=UPDATE" + "+AUTO_OVERRIDE_LOCK=true" + "+EDIT_HTMPL=request_status_change.htmpl" + "+ACTIVITY_LOG_TYPE=" + aty; <PDM_IF "1" == "${args.KEEP.IsPopUp:0}"> query_str += "+KEEP.IsPopUp=1"; </PDM_IF> document.location.href = query_str; }
  12. found it! popupActivityWithURL(url, "status"); second argument affects on variable: _dtl.tabReloadOnSave which is used to notify system when you want to refresh entire page on publish and when you dont.
  13. so much fame but currently i'm out of business and haven't hope to find another job related to ca sdm. Yeah, seems like everything is much easier, have you tried to call: popupActivityWithURL(url); instead of display_new_page?
  14. Hi, as I remember 2 variables are used to define post-submit action: - hidden input named HTMPL; - javascript variable ahdframeset.top_splash.next_persid; Befor clicking save button use browser's console to check their values, try to pass show_main_detail.htmpl as value of HTMPL, and empty value for next_persid. Regards, cdtj