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  2. I am trying to solve below Scenarios: 1. Scenario where users upload big files and unwanted files that are not link to any KDs and it can be archive or delete off. 2. Scenario where I need to archive or delete off all retired KDs along with its attachment files. As I don't want unwanted files uploaded by users to take up sdm disk spaces. Try using purging with Archive and Purge rules but the physical files still remains in the repositories
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  4. Hi cdtj, This requirement changed internally and now this functionality was enforced for specific SD analysts only. I wasn't sure of updating your conditional macro, so I managed to accomplish using spel code which is working at the moment. Thank you!!
  5. I don't think that there is any out-of-the-box (OOTB) feature that would enable that. In Service Contracts you can assign a Service Type (under the contract) to a group but that is only brought into play when the group is the Affected End User. What you are trying to do sounds contrary to best practice. It is basically saying to your customer "If you have a particular kind of issue and I assign it to group A then you can expect a different kind of response than if I assign it to group B."
  6. It is for the group that solves the incident. Thanks!!
  7. hi, i think that you can publish new flag and define data partion to prevent any updates, condition could be like: id=0 OR (z_some_type = 0 OR z_some_type is NULL). Other question how you'll manage that flag. Regards, cdtj
  8. Hi cdtj, I have managed using below spel and looks working at the moment. I will try your code using conditional macro and let you know how it goes. Thank You!! cr::z_solution_log( ... ) { if (soln_log.length == 0) { string z_soln_msg; z_soln_msg = format(" Please browse for knowledge and accept knowledge doc as Solution before setting the Status to close"); set_error(1); set_return_data(z_soln_msg); return; } }
  9. Does anybody know of a way to make a ticket of a specific Request Type so that it cannot be edited in any way?
  10. hi, we don't use tickets and kds linking in our env, so I'm not sure what type of relation is used in your scenario. Regarding to cr factory there is attributes like: avoided_by_kd or solved_by_kd. For example you can create condition macro with followed code: send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "kdlinks", "sync_fetch", "STATIC", format("cr = '%s' AND link_type = 1", persistent_id), -1, 0); if (msg[1] == 0) { // ticket haven't related documents set_return_data(FALSE); } else { set_return_data(TRUE); } And use it in status transition. Regards, cdtj
  11. It looks feasible using spel by checking the length of solution log attribute and if it equals 0 then restrict the ticket status to closed.
  12. I'm looking for a feasible solution to require Knowledge doc on closure of an incident in Service Desk. Any suggestions from experts?
  13. I tried saving transfer form with empty fields and it saves without error blanking out both fields.
  14. The problem is with my current customized list form. After applying this code on a clean list form, it worked like a charm. Thank You so much for your help.
  15. Really strange, updated code: function zEditCr(value) {"<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"showEdit('" + crPersid + "');\">" + value + "</a>"); } <PDM_MACRO name=lsWrite text="var crPersid = \"@{list.persistent_id:}\";"> <PDM_MACRO name=lsCol hdr="ref_num" attr="ref_num" fmtfunc="zEditCr"> showEdit is a function used in a Right click menu.
  16. Hi cdtj, I'm not sure if your update to previous code was saved, as I'm still running into same problem after reapplying the code from above post.
  17. Glad to help you but I want to warn that "SET.<attriubte>" is actual attribute that will be posted into DB. KEY.<attr>, CBX.<attr> or <attr>_combo_name are affects only visible side. Have you tried to click Save button with empty fields? If error appear it's ok but if not you'll need to debug the code and find a way to nullify SET.<attr>s too.
  18. On pressing F12, the error "Unrecognized expression" were related to below lines and removing these 2 lines, the functionality worked as intended. ahdframe.jq("[name=SET.assignee]").val(""); ahdframe.jq("[]").val(""); Thank you so much sir, on this customization code assistance. Have a great day!!
  19. I have updated my previous post, check it out.
  20. hi cdtj, I have tried your code and looks like there is a missing syntax in the URL construction, as seen from below screenshot. I have tried appending the missing syntax manually to test the code further but running into other problems, see below screenshot for reference.
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  22. hi, yeah, in lsCol you need to replace "link=yes" with fmtfunc, which should have url with OP=UPDATE, should be something like this: function zEditCr(value) {"<a href=\"#\" onclick=\"showEdit('" + crPersid + "');\">" + value + "</a>"); } <PDM_MACRO name=lsWrite text="var crPersid = \"@{list.persistent_id:}\";"> <PDM_MACRO name=lsCol hdr="ref_num" attr="ref_num" fmtfunc="zEditCr"> Regards, cdtj
  23. error could appear in browser's console, you can check it by pressing F12, also you can try to execute code manually from console, type: ahdframe.zEmptyAsgnGrp(); or ahdframe.jq("[name=SET.assignee]").val(""); ahdframe.jq("[name=assignee_combo_name]").val(""); and post results here. Regards, cdtj
  24. Hello Everyone, is there an equivalent VB code for this? I'm just new in using SDM integration and we are using VB in programming. I kind of understand most of the parts in the above code. just need to find an equivalent for the below specific lines in VB ListResult doQueryResult = new ListResult(); how is this implemented in VB?
  25. hi cdtj, Hopefully I have added your code in the right places and it didn't worked for me, also there were no errors in stdlog file. Please see below and advise if this is not the correct location to add in xfer_esc_cr.htpml file. function initApcForNewTicket() { if ( "$args.type" == "I" || "$args.type" == "P" ) { ..................... .................. if (pri_cal_enabled == 'true' || "$args.KEEP.auto_pri_cal_mt" == "true") { var priority = document.main_form.elements["SET.priority"]; priority.disabled = "true"; = "gainsboro"; } } } function zEmptyAsgnGrp() { jq("[name=SET.assignee]").val(""); jq("[name=assignee_combo_name]").val(""); jq("[]").val(""); jq("[name=group_combo_name]").val(""); } </script> </head> <body onload="load_from_scratchpad('0');initApcForNewTicket();setFieldsForCapReasonAsync();zEmptyAsgnGrp()" onunload="clearParentResumeAction();unload_check()" class=editform> <PDM_INCLUDE FILE=std_body.htmpl>
  26. Is there a way that when we click on a ticket it just goes straight into “Edit” mode? Is this possible to customize in Service Desk 14.1 cp3??
  27. Hi, you just made my day Thank you very much!
  28. check this one: function zCancelOnCopy() { if (location.href.indexOf('METHOD=copy_cr') > 0) { <PDM_IF "$args.z_value" == "Not ok" || "$args.z_value" == ""> alert('Some message'); detailCancel(); </PDM_IF> } } then add this into <body> onload: <body class="detailro" onload="loadActions();zCancelOnCopy();" onunload="unloadActions();">
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