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Need to disable detailSave() function call

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Hi All,

There is a function CreateReworkVersion() called when we click on "Rework" button on opening a published document in edit mode. I am trying to suppress the the pop up window and detailSave() function call, so that users cannot save the document without going through the "Rework".

This the code snippet:

function CreateReworkVersion()


if ("$prop.form_name_3" == "edit")


// When "Rework" button is selected, the pop up window and detailSave() func should be supressed 02/28/2011

// var bConfirm = confirm("All changes made to this document need to be saved before the rework version is created. If you'd like to continue saving changes click OK.");

// var bConfirm = true;

// if (bConfirm == true)


parent.do_start_rework = 1;

// detailSave();

// pdm_submit('main_form',false,void(0),false);

// pdm_submit(void (0));




However, when detailSave() is commented out, "Rework" button doesn't open the "Rework" window.

If I try using pdm_submit(), the main window still shows a message that "Save Successful".

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!



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If your objective is to prevent folks editing/changing a doc in Published state, have you considered instead changing the setting under Knowledge-->Approval Process Manager-->Approval Process Settings-->Permissions for Document Edit After Publish to " Document must be unpublished before editing is allowed"? I have this set and it does not actually unpublish the doc - that remains available in published state; however, it does create a rework version and if you go into the doc number of the published doc, you get options to either view (update) the rework version or cancel the rework. If you then publish the rework version, it's content overlays that of the published doc, but doc number of the published doc remains intact - the rework doc then gets a new active_state value marking it for deletion per your archive/purge cycle.

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