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LREL BREL calling list form instead of update lrel form

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Hi experts, I need some help to conclude a custom... Can someone help me to understand what is wrong and how I can fix this? I appreciate any help.

I have a custom object (z_objeto_automatizacao) and I need to relate it to pcat object. Almost everything is working properly execpt when I click on Search Button it opens the list form of custom object,


instead of update_lrel form. It should open my update_lrel form (update_z_lrel_pcat_objautom.htmpl), like this example of update_lrel_pcat


To get to this point I create a LREL table (z_lrel_pcat_objautom) with a SREL to PCAT and other SREL to z_objeto_automatizacao.

This is how my maj file looks like to create BREL:

OBJECT z_objeto_automatizacao {
    ATTRIBUTES z_objeto_automatizacao {
        z_brel_pcat_objautom BREL z_lrel_pcat_objautom z_srl_objautom DYNAMIC { LREL z_srl_pcat; };
    } ;
} ;

OBJECT pcat {
    z_brel_pcat_objautom BREL z_lrel_pcat_objautom z_srl_pcat DYNAMIC { LREL z_srl_objautom; };
  } ;
} ;

This is the tab in detail_pcat.htmpl

<PDM_MACRO name=tab title="Objeto de Automatização" src="OP=SEARCH+FACTORY=z_objeto_automatizacao+QBE.EQ.z_brel_pcat_objautom.z_srl_pcat.id=$dob.id+KEEP.PERSID=$args.persistent_id+KEEP.forObjautom=1">

This is the button 'Relacionar Objeto de Automatização' in my custom list_form:


<PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.forLREL" == "1">
    document.writeln('<INPUT TYPE=hidden NAME=HTMPL VALUE=update_z_lrel_pcat_objautom.htmpl>');

<PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.forObjautom" == "1">
    var cfgCanEdit = false;
    var cfgCanCopy = false;
    var enableExtraBtn = false;

    <PDM_IF "$args.KEEP.forObjautom" == "1">
        var enableExtraBtn = true;
    cfgExtraButton = new Array("Relacionar Objeto de Automatização", "zCreateNew()", enableExtraBtn);
    function zCreateNew() {
        update_with_lrel_style('pcat', '$args.KEEP.PERSID', 'z_objeto_automatizacao', 'z_brel_pcat_objautom',  'Objeto de Automatização', 'Objetos de Automatização relacionados', '', 'KEEP.forLREL=1+KEEP.lrelOBJAUTO=YES');    


NOTE: If I invert 'pcat' with 'z_objeto_automatizacao' like bellow, it works properly and call update_lrel_pcat.htmpl form, but I need the opposite.

//     update_with_lrel_style('z_objeto_automatizacao', '$args.KEEP.PERSID', 'pcat', 'z_brel_pcat_objautom',  'Objeto de Automatização', 'Objetos de Automatização relacionados', '', 'KEEP.forLREL=1+KEEP.lrelOBJAUTO=YES');   


Thanks in advance.


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