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Send Notification when checkbox field is checked

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We are running 12.9.

We would like to add a notification for request/incident/problem that will notify object contacts and specific contacts when a custom field named "workaround?" is checked by an analyst. Is this something I can set up through the front end of the administration portal?

From my research it seems that I need to create a site-defined condition that checks to see if the data in the field is Yes and link the condition to a notification rule and email template. I am familiar with how to assign who receives the notification in the notification rules window.

I got an error trying to create a site-defined condition for my custom field so I tried to test the rest of the setup by using the existing OOB "major incident" checkbox instead but I have still not been able to trigger any notices. Can anyone help me see what I'm missing.


My steps

1. Create site defined condition. Macro Code is:

if (( !is_null(getval_by_name("major_incident")) && getval_by_name("major_incident") == 1 ))

Note: eventually I want this to point to my custom field workaround? but for now I was trying to reduce variables and use an OOB field

2. Create a new notification rule

- linked the above condition in the condition field

-added my name to the contact list to test notification trigger

-added an email template to the message template field

- I did NOT add anything to the related activity notification tab


I tested by opening an existing, active incident. Checked the major incident checkbox. Clicked save. I did not receive a notification. I checked the notification history from the view menu of the incident and I did not see any record for the major incident update notification. I did see an activity log update like we have always seen. Finally all other notifications are continuing to work as expected.

Thank you for your consideration

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I found two and resolved two items:

1. I corrected the spelling in the activity association object type field of my custom field (the field is case sensitive). This allows me to create a site defined condition (macro) that references this custom field.

2. I changed the notification method of my linked message template to automatic


I can now get Service Desk to send a notification when the major incident field is checked. However when i try to change the rule to point to my custom field (use the condition that evaluates whether or not my custom field is checked). The notification is no longer triggered.


I am trying to isolate the difference between my custom field (an active/inactive checkbox) and the major incident OOB field (yes/no checkbox). They have the same kind of activity association, both are active for request incident problem. Can anyone point me to field setting i can compare?

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