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Update customer phone number from detail_cr employee form

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Hey guys!

I need to update some customers data according to the information that he enters at the moment of the opening of the ticket, for example a phone_number field.

When filling this information in detail_cr, I need this phone data to be recorded in the phone_number attribute in the cnt factory. 

I found a spel code from @cdtj and thought it would work well.



  object inc_group_leader;
  send_wait(0, top_object(), "get_co_group");
  if (msg_error())
    logf(ERROR, "Error: '%s'", msg[0]);
  inc_group_leader = msg[0];
  string inc_where_clause;
  inc_where_clause = format("id = U'%s'", customer); // your UUID here, customer for example
  send_wait(0, top_object(), "call_attr", "cnt", "sync_fetch", "STATIC", inc_where_clause, -1, 0);
  object inc_zfound;
  inc_zfound = msg[0];
  object inc_zobj;
  send_wait(0, inc_zfound, "dob_by_index", "DEFAULT", 0, 0);
  inc_zobj = msg[0];
  send_wait(0, inc_group_leader, "checkout", inc_zobj);
  if (msg_error())
    logf(ERROR, "Cannot checkout");
  inc_zobj.phone_number = string4; // your attributes here
//  inc_zobj.z_some_another_attribute = z_value; // u can change multiple attributes
  send_wait(0, inc_group_leader, "checkin");
  if (msg_error())
    logf(ERROR, "Cannot checkin");
    send_wait(0, inc_group_leader, "uncheck");

I think I need to add some more details to the spel code or even improve the trigger.

My trigger: 

MODIFY cr POST_VALIDATE z_update_cnt( customer, string4 ) 
	9020 FILTER(EVENT("INSERT") && (status == "OP")) ;	

Do I need to add any other attributes to the spel code?


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