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. How to get the customer "contact_uuid" from detail_cr.hmtpl - Creating a new request

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Hello everyone!

I need to get the customer contact_uuid value from detail_cr.htmpl when I'm creating a new request.

The known way, using $args.customer.id returns null because the ticket is not created yet.

I know I can get the tenant value using a javascript variable "argTenantID" or "argPersistentID" to obtain the ticket persistent_id.
¿Is there any variable like those to obtain the customer ID?

I need to obtain the value in order to send it to a function defined in a personalized button in the same form, while I'm creating the request.

Best regards.

Ana KBS*


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just fetch the customer after the button has been clicked. You can use jquery (which is already included in sdm), code could be:

alert("pdmqa:" + jq("[pdmqa='customer']").val());
alert("SET.customer:" + jq("[name='SET.customer']").val());


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this might be caused because you have more than one SET.customer called input (like in other form which is used to create parent/child object), try to define main form in jquery selector, ex:

// not sure that main_form is a name, it can be an id, then use "#main_from" instead.

or check other inputs to confirm that problem is in wrong selection:

// check jquery .each syntax if this fails
jq("[name='SET.customer']").each(function(a, b) {
  alert(a + ":" + b.name + " @ " + b.value);


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