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Attachment for custom object

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Dear experts,

I try to make some customization for attachment to a custom object. I have CA SDM 17.1

I tried to make it like customization made for nr on SDM 12.5. But it doesn't work.

I created a lrel object  and maj file. Please find below. I couldn't solve the issue, what might be missing here?

Factory zcustomatt
   id                   INTEGER
   producer_id          LOCAL STRING(20)
   persistent_id        LOCAL STRING(60)
   att                  SREL -> attmnt.id REQUIRED
   obj                 SREL -> zcustomobj.id REQUIRED
   last_mod_dt          DATE
   last_mod_by          SREL -> cnt.id


OBJECT zcustomobj { 
   ATTRIBUTES zcustomobj  { 
       attachments BREL zcustomatt zcustomobj{ LREL attmnt; };

OBJECT attmnt { 
   ATTRIBUTES Attachment  { 
       objs BREL zcustomatt attmnt { LREL zcustomobj; };




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Tryed and it works without any deep customization, just used schema from the topic.

Here is correct syntax for factory called "zobj"

	attmnt SREL attmnt
	zobj SREL zobj
// z_attmnt_obj.maj
OBJECT zobj {
		attachments BREL z_lrel_attachments_objs zobj {
			LREL attmnt;
OBJECT attmnt {
	ATTRIBUTES Attachment {
		zobjs BREL z_lrel_attachments_objs attmnt {
			LREL zobj;
// xx_attmnt_tab.htmpl
function att_tab_src() {
  // ootb factories by pdm_elif
  // ...
  <PDM_ELIF "$prop.factory" == "zobj">
      att_tab_url += "+QBE.EQ.zobjs.zobj.id=$args.id";
  // ...

// detail_zobj.htmpl
<PDM_MACRO name=tab title="Attachments" height=300 id=attmnt src="OP=SHOW_DETAIL+HTMPL=xx_attmnt_tab.htmpl+FACTORY=zobj+PERSID=$args.persistent_id+SDBP_FLAG=1"></pdm_tab>


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