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Hi community!

I need some help to create a query to shows this  fields , actually i worked in this query and i have some fields but i require the fields bellow:

          Field                                             Table

  1. pri_phone_number                  ca_contact
  2. zloc_cnt                                    usp_contact
  3. zip                                             ca_location
  4. alt_phone_number                  ca_contact
  5. zbusiness_hrs                         usp_contact
  6. serial_number                         ca_owned_resource

This is the actual query , but i dont know any of sql and i dont know wich  related tables and their keys  works to show the required field

rc.sym as Rootcause,
convert(varchar(20), dateadd (ss, cr.last_mod_dt -21600, '1/1/1970') , 101) + ' ' + + LTRIM(RIGHT(CONVERT(CHAR(20), dateadd (ss, cr.last_mod_dt -21600, '1/1/1970'), 22), 11)) as [Last Modified Date],
convert(varchar(20), dateadd (ss, call_back_date -21600, '1/1/1970') , 101) + ' ' + + LTRIM(RIGHT(CONVERT(CHAR(20), dateadd (ss, call_back_date -21600, '1/1/1970'), 22), 11)) as [Call Back Date]
call_req cr
inner join rootcause rc on cr.id=rc.id


Can you help me with this pls ? :C



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