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Help with validation Dates using JavaScript

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Hi all.

I developed a JavaScript function to prevent that call_back_date field be less than alg.time_stamp date (activity date). Date is in format DD/MM/YYYY

The problem is that it's seems like comparing if the day of call back date is greater than day of activity date. Even if the month is greater, if the day is minor it's considering call back less than activity date.

I attached a screenshot with an example. I appreciate any help that let me to solution.

Thanks and regards.


function zValidateSchedDate(){

    var zStartDate, zSchedDate;
    var zSatus = document.main_form.elements["SET.status"].value;
         zStartDate = document.main_form.elements['SET.alg.time_stamp'].value;
        zSchedDate = document.main_form.elements['SET.call_back_date'].value;
        if((zSchedDate <= zStartDate) && (zSatus == "atdschedule")){
            zDisplayMessage("Schedule date needs to be a future date!");
            return false;
            return true;




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