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Two different Change Order IDs?

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When we create CA Change Orders, they are assigned a change number starting with 7xxxxxxxxx

When I export CA change order data from CA to excel, the spreadsheet includes a url column, that references a number starting with 4xxxxxxxxxx

I can create a URL shortcut directly to the 4xxxxxxxx reference number and it will open successfully on the desired change. 

I don't know what that 4xxxxxxxx number is, as we always refer to the 7xxxxxxxxx identifier for a change. 

Question: How can I find that 4xxxxxxxxxx number within CA Service Desk without having to do a spreadsheet export? 


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there is 2 identifiers, chg_ref_num (visible one, which is 7xxx) and id (for inner use, 4xxx).

you can create urls (if it's your goal) with both number, specifing search criteria within url, using id (as u have from export):


or using chg_ref_num:


Answering directly to your question:

- you can add id to form using form customization;

- you can get it using browser's console (F12) by typing ahdframe.argId (or something like that) into it;

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