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Issue with german umlauts and characters (SDM 17.2)

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Hi everyone,

we have an issue with german umlauts (SDM 17.2 with MS Server 2016). There might be an issue with 17.2 and our interface which imports CI-data via Microsoft Excel to SDM. When it´s start to import the plausibility tests shows for example that the location "Schlo stra e 10" does not exists. It should be "Schloßstraße 10".

it works perfectly for version 14.1.

Booting error message that we don´t have in 14.1:

08/07 11:54:31.80 SDM   proctor_JUSTIZSDM    3092 SIGNIFICANT  u_converter.c          690 Locale, setlocale(LC_ALL, "") returns: "German_Germany.1252". ICU default converter name: ibm-5348_P100-1997. NX_ICU_CONVERTER_FORCE: .

08/07 11:54:31.81 SDM   proctor_JUSTIZSDM    3092 SIGNIFICANT  u_converter.c          809 The character set of the local host environment as determined by ICU 53.1 does not match the NX_CHARSET: "ISO-8859-1". You may need to adjust NX_CHARSET or your locale environment; ICU default converter name: ibm-5348_P100-1997, IANA alias: WINDOWS-1252, alias0: IBM-5348_P100-1997, alias1: IBM-5348, alias2: WINDOWS-1252, alias3: CP1252. setlocale(LC_ALL, "") returns: "German_Germany.1252".

NX.env --> @NX_CHARSET=UTF-8


Thanks for your help.

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