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Upload attachment before approve workflow task.

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we have classic workflow implemented in Request Management in servicedesk 17.1 having 16 workflow tasks in each category

Task 1--> Manager (Approved or Reject)
Task 2--> HRO (Approved or Reject)
Task 3--> Finance (Complete or Hold)
and so on...

On task 2 approval, HRO team should attach a required document and then approve the task other wise not. If any of the HRO team member approves the task without attaching the document it should not approve and display a popup message or any written msg "Please attach a document  then Approve"

Please how can i achieve that?
what condition should be in there in below pdm_if for HRO task.? Please help

<PDM_IF "$args.task.sym" == 'HRO'>


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