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Hi my friends,

At these days I have a need to force all the analysts to register the solution in all tickets that he's working with.

So I made this customization below, maybe this should help someone.


1. Create a file "zcr_force_soln.spl" (put on $NXROOT/site/mods/majic)


    send_wait( 0, this, "get_attr_vals",1,"soln_log.length");
    if (msg_error()) {
        logf(ERROR, "Erro no campo soln_log.length de %s %s - %s", type, ref_num, msg[0]);
    int zsoln_length;
    zsoln_length = msg[3];
    if (zsoln_length == 0) {
            string zmsg;
        zmsg=format("Preencha a 'Solução' antes de mudar este %s para fechado.", type.sym);


2. Open WSP > Schema Designer

     - Search for table CR > Advanced > Site defined trigger 

PRE_VALIDATE zcr_force_soln() 111 FILTER(status{-> 'RE'});

At this case, the solution is mandatory to status "Resolved"

3. Save and publish;

4. Restart the CA SDM services;








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